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AdhoMukhaDandasana - Plank Yoga Pose अधोमुखदंड़ासन
AdhoMukhaShvanasana - Downward Dog Yoga Pose अधोमुखश्वानासन
Anjaneyasana High Lunge Yoga Pose
Ardha Chandrasana - Half moon pose-II from surya-namaskara अर्धचन्द्रासन
Ardha-Salabhasana - Half Locust Yoga Pose अर्ध शलभासन
ArdhaChandrasana - Half Moon Yoga Pose अर्धचन्द्रासन
Ashwa Sanchalanasana Low Lunge Yoga Pose अश्व् संचालनासन
Baddha konasana - Restrained Angle Yoga Pose बद्धकोणासन
Bakasana - Crane Yoga Pose बकासन
Balasana - Child Yoga Pose बालासन
Bhujangasana - Cobra Yoga Pose भुजंगासन
Bidalasana- Big Cat Yoga Pose बिदालासन
BitilBitilasana- Cow Yoga Pose बितिलासन
Chakrasana - Wheel Yoga Pose चक्रासन
Dhanurasana - Bow Yoga Pose धनुरासन
Dolphin Plank Pose
Dwi-Pada Viparita Dandasana - Upward Facing Two Foot Staff Yoga Pose द्विपद्-विपरितदण्डासन
Halasana Plough Yoga Pose हलासन
Hanumanasana - Monkey Yoga Pose हनुमानासन
Krounchasana – Heron Yoga Pose क्रोन्चसन
Makarasana - Dolphin Yoga Pose मकरासन
Malasana Garland_Yogapose मलासन
Mandukasana - Frog Pose Yoga Pose मंडूकासन
Marichyasana-III-Marichi Yoga Pose मरीचिआसना-III
Matsyasana - Fish Yoga Pose मत्स्यासन
Mayurasana Peacock Yoga Pose मयूरासन
Merudandasana - Balancing Bear मेरुदण्डासन
Natrajasana King of Dance Yoga Pose नटराजन आसन
Noukasana Boat Yoga Pose नौकासन
Padangusthasana Big Toe Yoga Pose पादांगुष्टासन
Parivrtta Parsvakonasana - Revolved Side Angle Yoga Pose परिवृत्तपार्श्वकोणसन
Parsava Dandasana Side Balance Yoga Pose पार्श्वदण्डासन
Paschimothansana - Forward Bend Yoga Pose पश्चिमोत्तानासन
Pavanamuktasana Wind Releasing Yoga Pose पवनमुक्तासन
Pincha Mayurasana Feathered Peacock pose पिन्का-मयूरासन
Purvottanasana - Reversed Plank Yoga Pose पुर्वॊत्तासन‌
Salabhasana - Locust Yoga Pose शलभासन
Sarvangasana Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose सर्वांगसन
Savasana - Corpse Yoga Pose-Relaxation शवासन
Setubandhasana-Bridge Yoga Pose सेतुबंधासन
Sirsasana Head Stand Yoga Pose शीर्षासन
Sitting Yoga Mudra YogMudra- Scaling Pose योगमुद्रा
Sphynix pose- Sphinx pose
Standing YogaMudra - Standing Scaling Pose योगमुद्रा
Sukhasana - Easy Yoga Pose सुखासन
Sukhasana - Easy Yoga Pose सुखासन
Sukhasana Easy meditation poseII सुखासन
Supta-Padangusthasana Reclining-Big-Toe_pose सुप्तपादांगुष्टासन
Tadasana - Mountain Yoga Pose ताड़ासन
Tittibhasana - Firefly Yoga Pose तीत्तीभासन‌
Tolasana Scale-Pendant Yoga Pose तोलांगुलासन
Trikonasana - Triangle Yoga Pose त्रिकोणासन
Upavistha Konasana - wide angle bend yoga pose उपविष्ट कोणसन
Urdhv Mukha Paschimottasana - Forward Bend Yoga Pose ऊर्ध्वमुख्पश्चिमोत्तानासन
Ushtrasana - Camel Yoga Pose ऊष्ट्रासन
Utkatasana Chair Yoga Pose उत्कटासन
Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend Yoga Pose उत्तानपादासन
UttanaShishosana - extended puppy Yoga Pose उत्तानशीर्षासन
Vajraasana -Thunderbolt-Diamond वज्रासन
Vajrasana Thunderbolt-Diamond variation वज्रासन
Virabhadrasana I Warrior-I pose वीरभद्रासन
Virabhadrasana-III Warrior-III pose वीरभद्रासन
Virabhadrasana-WarriorPose वीरभद्रासन
Vrikshasana -Tree Yoga Pose वृक्षासन
Vrischikasana Scorpion Yoga Pose वृश्चिकासन
Yoga_Mudra - Scaling_Pose योगमुद्रा

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Adho Mukha Shvanasana