Marichyasana-III-Marichi pose L2
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This is one of the basic yoga poses. It is a beautiful posture.

Position for Readiness

Sit firmly on the floor with your legs stretched and heels together. Keep the spin, neck head straight upward. At this stage, keep the hands down on the floor on both sides.


Fold the right leg at the knee by pulling it backward Cross it over your left knee, place it firmly on the floor, keeping the left hand on the right toes.

Fold the left leg at the knee without lifting it up. The thigh and knee of the left leg should remain on the floor. And brought the left foot below the right buttock.

Now lift the right foot slightly up and bring it on the outer side of folded left knee.

Now you have to make a lock with the opposite arm and the standing knee. Stretch out the left arm and bring it on the outer side of the right knee. Now your arm is locked against the standing knee firmly. Grab the right foot with the left hand in order to provide stability to the locked part of the body.

Bring the whole of right arm and hand on the back in a loose condition. Try to touch the front part of the fingers of hand on the back.

Now start exhaling slowly and turning the head, chest and waist area towards the right side. Twist the body as much as you can. At full twist all the air should be exhaled out.

Stay in the position for about 8 sec. (at beginning it may be 3 – 6 sec.)

The start inhaling slowly and gradually return to the initial position from where, you had started the twist.

Now unlock the arm, the knee. Rest for a few seconds. Now in next round you left knee will be standing up and your right arm will be locked. Keep doing it alternatively.

Daily Practice:

Four to six rounds daily alternatively.


This asana has great effect on the pancreas and other glands, such as adrenal, thyroid and sex glands. The muscle and organs of abdominal area are fully activated due to this asana. Because of this activation the condition and functioning of the pancreas is energized and strengthen. It is a best asana for diabetes.

This asana has several other benefits also; it corrects disorder of kidneys, spleen, liver, stomach, intestine, bladder and pelvic region.

The twist completes the stretching of the spine so that now every muscle and ligament of the

back and neck has been stretched in all directions.

Ardha-Matsyendrasana (Modified) The Half-Matsyendra Posture

In this posture, the leg is folded inwards instead of outstretched. During twists performed in the final stages of pregnancy, the weight of the body rests mainly on one buttock, because the center of gravity is displaced.

To increase their beneficial effect on the spinal column, these twists should be combined with other asanas e.g. Ustrasana and Catuspadasana

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