Image Credit: Satya Live Yoga

In Indian culture Swastika represents an auspicious symbol of fertility and creativity. When we sit in this posture, the position of legs resemble the Svastika, hence it is called Svastikasana. It’s a very simple and easy sitting position with a straight back. This is taken amongst meditative postures.


Stretch out both legs together, hands by the side of the body, palms resting on the ground, fingers together pointing forward.

Now fold your one leg at the knees and put it against the joint of the other thigh.

Fold the other leg and put it near the joint of the other thigh.

Put both hands on the knees in jnana mudra.

Retain this position for 10 to 15 minutes or as comfortable to you.

While returning to the original position first stretch out right leg.

Then stretch out left leg and keep both legs together.


It helps maintain normal temperature within the body and tones abdominal muscles and sciatic nerve. It improves one’s concentrating power. This is a very suitable position for knowledge, learning, meditation, preparation for other asanas and relaxation between any two sitting position.

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