Wake up Mother Kundalini.

Thou whose nature is Bliss Eternal—The Bliss of Brahman.

Thou dwelling like a serpent asleep at the lotus of Muladhara, Sore, affected and distressed am I in body and mind, Do thou bless me and leave thy place at the basic lotus.

Consort of Siva the Self-caused Lord of Universe, Do thou take thy upward course through the central canal.

Leaving behind Svadhishthana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Vishuddha, and Ajna.

Be thou united with Siva, thy Lord the God. At Sahasrara—the thousand-petalled-lotus in the brain.

Sport there freely, O Mother, Giver of Bliss Supreme.

Mother, who is Existence, Knowledge, Bliss Absolute.

Wake up, Mother Kundalini! Wake up. — SRI SWAMI SIVANANDA A DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY


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