EkpadaUttansana – One Legged Raised Yoga Pose

EkpadaUttansana – One Legged Raised Yoga Pose

Position of Readiness

Lie down on your back. Keep the whole body loose and in a straight position. Breathe deeply and slowly through the nostrils.


(i) Stretch out the toes of any one leg and make it hard and tight all along. Keep the other leg loose.

(ii) When the leg has been tightened, start inhaling and raising it upward towards the sky. Inhale and raise the leg slowly, so that it should take about eight seconds to bring it upward in a perpendicular position. While lifting the leg upwards do not twist or turn the other parts of the body. Let the whole body remain on the floor. Lift the leg only as high as it can go comfortably. Do not give excessive strain in pushing the leg upwards.

(iii) When the leg has been brought up to a maximum height, hold the breath and keep the leg firmly in standing position. Retain the breath for six seconds only. During this stage of retention see that your body is straight; the lifted leg is quite tight, palms are down on the floor; and you are looking upwards.

(iv) After, holding the breath for six seconds, start exhaling and lowering the leg towards the floor. It should take about eight seconds to complete exhalation. The leg should remain hard and tight while it is brought down. When the leg comes to the floor, the round of Ekpada Uttan Asana is completed.

(v) Now rest for six to eight seconds. After the resting time is over, start with the other leg by following the same process.

EkpadaUttansana – One Legged Raised Yoga Pose Variation

Daily Practice

Begin with four rounds. Do it alternately. Gradually increase 10 six rounds,


It is easy to do and hence recommended to all practitioners of yoga.

This asana has corrective, curative and strengthening effects on  the disorder of stomach and intestine including wind troubles and gastric conditions of the digestive system. It brings flexibility body joints specially hip joints.

It is a highly beneficial for asthmatics though, During retention the air penetrates the bronchioles and activates their linings in a mild way. As a result of this inner activation, its power is increased and its health is restored.

It tones up the muscles of the sex-glands and enhances their potency. For women it has a curative effect on menstrual disorders.


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