Standing Yoga Mudra

Position of readiness

Stand with your feet parallel and hip width apart.


Bring both the hands at the back. Grab the wrist of one hand with the other hand.

Make a fist with the hand which has been grabbed or you can interlace your fingers.

Force down your hands away from your shoulders.

Keep the spine straight. Look in front while keeping the neck and head straight upward.

Exhaling slowly, raise your tailbone and allow the lifting to extend your torso forward. Release the squeeze gradually as your torso continues downward. Let the head come down only as far as it can easily be lowered.

Hold the breath in that position. Now tighten the hands and gradually raise them (in grabbed form) upwards as high as possible without excessive strain. Stay in this position for 6 to 8 seconds.

To release the posture, inhaling press the soles of your feet downward and drop your tailbone, gradually bringing up the squeeze as you return to the starting position.

Daily Practice

Initiate with the two rounds daily in the first week, increase it to four rounds in the second week.


Yoga Mudra has a curative and corrective effect for the asthmatics. The lungs and their bronchial branches are stimulated in a very effective way. Because of reverse conditioning of the upper area of the body, the blood from the lower region begins to flow upwards and massages the veins of the lower bronchioles of the lungs. This helps restore the normal health of the lungs and their functioning.

Yoga Mudra provides several other benefits also. It corrects the disorders of the spine; removes gastric troubles and constipation; strengthens the digestive system; and enhances sexual potentiality.

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