Ardha Kapotasana

Position of Readiness

Sit in vajra asana.


From a position sitting on your heels, slide your left leg behind you.

Kapotasana I:  transfer your weight to the right, bringing your buttocks to the floor, and press your hip bones downward.

Kapotasana II: 

Sit on your right heel and press your right shin downward. Push the crown of your head away from your shoulders. Now enlarge your chest by pressing out through your chest points. force down the hipbone of the extended leg forward. Breathe and retain the posture for 3-6 breaths.

To release:

support your weight with the hands as you slide the right knee back into the table.

Rest for a few breaths and repeat other side.


I.    Interlace the fingers behind your back, squeezing the shoulder blades together.

II.  Inhale the arms over your head, in a H position, palms together with thumbs

crossed, or interlace the fingers and point the index finger. Benefits

Pigeon opens the hips and chest, facilitates deeper breathing, and opens the (Anahat) heart chakra.


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