Vrischika asana-Scorpion pose L3
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Vrischika is the Sanskrit word for scorpion.This pose resembles a scorpion. Before attempting advanced pose you should feel comfortable in holding Headstand pose then one may enter Scorpion pose.

Kneeling on the floor.
Lean forward kneeling on the floor. Put elbows, forearms on the floor with the palms facing down with arms about shoulder distance apart.
Expand head forward raising it as high as possible.
Now lift buttocks and put the feet firmly on the bottoms the toes.
Sway legs up and over the head while inhaling. Maintain your balance. Get the legs directly up over the head.
Gradually bend the knees and drop the legs toward the head. Be cautious don’t move hurriedly.
Reverse the steps above and return to a kneeling position.

Hold this pose as long as you are comfortable.

This pose, Vrischikasana-Scorpion pose tones the spine promoting equilibrium and synchronizing mind & body. It also strengthens the shoulders, abdominals and back.

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