Tada Asana-Mountain Pose L4
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A deceptive pose in that it appears so simple but it has a good strengthening effect upon the lungs and chest. Tadasana is mainly a kriya of the hands and the arms.

Position of Readiness

Stand with feet together making a forty-five degree angle with the ground, hands at your sides, eyes looking forward. Breathe normally.


Inhaling gradually raise your hands in front up to arms. By the time the hands have been brought in front on the level of the shoulders, inhaling should be completed. Now hold the breath. Keep the palms upwards. Keep the hands straight, palms facing each other.

Take a pause for a second and turn the palms downward and move the hands on their respective sides. let the hands come at level with the shoulders in such a way that they are in one line. Keep looking straight in front while holding the breath.

Take a pause for a second now bring the hands again in front keeping the palms downward. Keep the hands tightened and parallel to one another.

Then turn the palms to face one another and lift them tightly towards the sky. The palms should face one another when fully raised upwards and the distance between them should be six to eight inches. Keep looking straight forward. Do not bend the body. Stay in that position for only a second.

Now twist the palms facing downward and bring the hands, to the-sides. Hands are tightened and they are straight in one line. Hold the breath up to this step.

Now exhaling and bring the hands dawn. When the hands have returned to the sides, you should have exhaled completely.

Daily Practice

Maximum five times in a day, initiate with three.


Tadasana has several benefits,

It brings internal activation of the lungs, muscles of the chest and the respiration system. For the asthmatics Tada asana provides a corrective and strengthening effect to their bronchioles and lungs.

It enhances the measurement of the chest. It builds up the muscles of the chest in an all round way and has a curative effect of any disorders of that area. It is the best asana for people, wishing to increase their height. Pain in shoulder-joints is elevated. It is easy to do. People of any age group can do it.


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