Halasana : Plough Yoga Posture

Hala Asana-Plough Pose L3
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This asana is one of the best asana of Hatha Yoga. It has some unique qualities and excellent benefits.

Position of readiness

Lie dawn on your back on the floor. Keep the palm down and near to the body. Bring the heels and toes together and keep them loose. Make the whole body straight and look towards ceiling. Breathe normally.


Stretch out the legs and make them tight. Now inhale and simultaneously raise both legs upwards, till they come to a vertical position. Synchronize inhaling and lifting of the legs. Keep both the palms on the floor as it is.

When you have reached the vertical position, start exhaling and simultaneously start lowering the legs towards the head area. And bring both legs over your head until the toes touch the floor behind your head. Try to keep your knees straight. Stretch the hands out towards your feet.

Breathe slowly and deeply from the abdomen and concentrate on the spine, especially where you feet the stretch taking place. Stay in this posture for about one minute.

To come out of the posture, just slowly uncurl the spine.

Initially it will be difficult for you to straighten your knees. But, as you keep on practicing regularly, your spine will become more flexible and you will eventually be able to straighten your knees.


Plough Posture has curative and corrective values for any weakened condition of the sex glands. It invigorates, energizes and nourishes all the sexual glands and brings power, strength and vitality to all of them. Due to this values, it has a medicinal effect in case of impotency, frigidity and lack of sexual power.

Plough Posture rejuvenates the spine and though the spinal nerves go to all parts of the body, it also assists to rejuvenate the whole body.

It stretches the spine, opening up the spinal discs and stretching the spinal muscles and ligaments. It also stimulates thyroid gland, liver and spleen and so it is very beneficial for backache, neck stiffness, arthritis, obesity, muscular rheumatism, enlarged liver and spleen, constipation, indigestion. It also prevents these conditions.


Retain the posture for five seconds at first. Gradually increase to four minutes


Be careful. Do not force the toes any lower than the spine will allow comfortably.

Ardha-Halasana The Half-Plough Posture

Lie on the back with the arms and palms of the hands on the ground. Very slowly raise the legs, 30 cms at a time, holding each successive stage for a few seconds until the legs are perpendicular to the trunk of the body. Remain in this posture for five seconds, then slowly lower the legs, 30 cms at a time. Avoid arching the lumbar region, and do not use the back for support during the exercise. This asana should only be performed during the early stages of pregnancy.


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