Virabhadra Asana III
Oct 15
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This pose is a customization of Virabhadrasana I.

Position of Readiness

Stand in Tadasana (mountain pose). Advanced students can enter Virabhadrasana III from Virabhadrasana I.


From tadasana, step the right foot a foot lengths forward and transfer all of your weight onto this leg.

Inhale the arms over your head and interlace the fingers, pointing the index finger up.

As you exhale, raise the left leg up and out, hinging at the hips to lower the arms and torso down towards the floor.

Look down at the floor and stare at a point for balance. Reach out through the left toes and the crown and fingers making one straight line.

Retain this position for 30 seconds to a minute.

While releasing, inhale the arms up to lower the leg back to the floor and step both feet together back into the mountain.

Rest for a few breaths, then repeat for the same length of time on the other side.


Warrior III improves balance, posture, memory and concentration, and tones and invigorates the whole body. Strengthens the ankles, legs, shoulders and muscles of the back, tones the abdomen.


People suffering from High blood pressure, recent or chronic injury to the legs, hips, knees, back or shoulders should consult yoga expert.


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