Uttana Shishosana-extended puppy L3 (1)
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In Sanskrit Uttana means Intense Stretch; Shisho means Puppy. UttanaShishosana is a forward bend which resembles balasana and is used to reduce stress and tension.

Position of Readiness:
Come onto all fours (hands and knees). With your knees directly below your hips.

Walk forward with your hands. As you move your hands forward a few inches, tuck your toes under so they are flush with the floor.
Exhale and let your seat fall down until it’s about halfway to your feet, keeping your arms straight and your hands pressed into the floor.
Make sure not to let your arms touch the ground.
Let your head drop forward slowly until your forehead comes in contact with the mat.
As you do this, let your back arch slightly toward the ground, yet still keep it long. Adjust your arms so they are fully extended in front of you, and now rest on the mat.
Stretch your arms forward, countering this movement by pushing your hips back, allowing your spine to lengthen into the stretch.

Hold for 30 to 60 seconds, breathing deeply and comfortably.

Stretches the shoulders and spine
Excellent for chronic stress, tensions and insomnia.

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