Ujjayi Pranayama : correcting strengthening condition of lungs bronchiole linings

Ujjayi is often called the “sounding” breath or “ocean sounding” breath, and somewhat irreverently as the “Darth Vader” breath. It involves constricting the back of the throat while breathing to create an “ah” sound.

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Method for Ujjayi Pranayama :

Ujjayi Pranayama can be practiced in two ways, in standing position and in lying position.

There is full impact of it in the first position and a little less in second position.  

But first is a little strenuous and the second is the easiest. Therefore the practitioners are advised to practice the Ujjayi in lying position in initial phase and then switch to standing position.

1. Come into a comfortable seated position with your spine erect in Padmasana or Siddhasana.  Begin taking long, slow, and deep breaths through both the nostrils.

2. Allow the breath to be gentle and relaxed as you slightly contract the back of your throat creating a steady hissing sound as you breathe in and out. the sound generated should be low and pleasing to the ear. There should not be any ups and downs in the sound. The sound should come out of the upper part of the throat and not from the upper or front part of the nose (Due to the friction of air in the throat, this typical sound is created. The sound is different from the sound emitted from the larynx).

3. Lengthen the inhalation and the exhalation as much as possible without creating tension anywhere in your body, and allow the sound of the breath to be continuous and smooth.


Daily practice:

Begin with only five one first day. Make four rounds on second day and go to five rounds on third day. Five rounds are maximum. So don’t ever practice more than five rounds in a single day.


Benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama :

The most remarkable benefit of Ujjayi pranayama is that it does the internal purification, activation and energizing together with external control and conditioning all at the same time.

With this Pranayama, the warmth of the head is reduced, and lung diseases like asthma, tuberculosis etc. are cured.

It enhances the capacity of digestive systems, respiratory systems etc.

For asthmatics, Ujjayi is most effective for correcting and strengthening the condition of lungs and the bronchiole linings.

We know that air has absorbing capacity. It can absorb certain things as moisture, fragrance and odour. Air has also force and power to carry things, such as dust particles and even heavier things. When external pressure is given it maximizes the inner penetration of the air and enables it to rub, active and give inner massage to the body cells and organs.  


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