Supta-Vajrasana : Sleeping Reclining Thunderbolt Pose

Supta-Vajrasana is further development of Vajrasana. We lie on our back with folded legs, hence, it is called Supta-Vajrasana.

Position of Readiness

Sit in Vajrasana.


Let the right hand and place it on the floor behind the buttock. Then move the left hand also behind the hip and bend a little backward.

Slowly place the right elbow and then left elbow on the ground towards backside.

Slowly straighten you hands and completely lie on your back. While lying on your back, control your weight. Do not jerk otherwise you may get injury

Shoulders should rest on the ground. Beginners may keep their hands on respective thighs. Knees should remain together.

Now you stretch both the arms and hands on both sides of the body. After practicing this position fairly well, make the shape of a scissor with both hands bring them under the shoulders. Right hand will remain under left shoulder and left under the right, head in the middle of them.

Now do some deep breathing exercises by just inhaling and exhaling the air through both nostrils. Stay in that position for 6 to 8 sec.

While returning to the original position, first take out your hands and place it by the side of your body.

Now, with the help of elbows sit as in the first position.

Rest for few seconds and then repeat the asana with the same process.


Beginners may keep their knees apart if they find it difficult to keep them together.

Daily Practice

Do it three to four times daily.


It has special benefits for diabetes, though the asana activates the pancreas.

It also corrects the disorder of the stomach, intestine, liver, kidneys, spleen and the organs of the abdominal area by activating and energizing them.

It has also good effect on sex glands. It enhances sexual potentiality. It is useful in high blood pressure and sciatica.


Those suffering from gases and pain in hip should consult yoga expert before practice it.

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