Sahasrara Chakra : Sahastrar Crown chakra

Sahasrara Chakra

Location: whole top of head above the hairline

Color: White or violet

Element: Brahma

Bij Mantra: Om

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Sahasrara symbolizes detachment from illusion; an essential element in obtaining supramental consciousness of the truth that one is all and all is one.

The seventh center integrates all the chakras with their respective qualities. It is the last milestone of the evolution of human awareness.

On physical level, Sahasrara charka is related to the pineal gland in the physical body.

This chakra gives us the direct, absolute perception of Reality on our central nervous system.

When Kundalini is united with Shiva in Sahasrara, the Sadhak enjoys supreme consciousness. He reaches the state of supra-consciousness and attains the highest knowledge.



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