Pavanamukta Asana-Wind Releasing Pose L4
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There are two methods of doing this asana

Position and Readiness

In stand up pose and in lying pose. We will see it in lying position.

Lie dawn on your back on the floor. Keep the palm down and near to the body. Bring the heels and toes together and keep them loose. Make the whole body straight and look towards ceiling. Breath normally.


Lift one knee up towards the chest.

Put the same side hand on the ankle and other hand on knee.

Pull the knee towards the chest without any pull on the ankle.

Without disturbing the posture relax all muscles and continue normal breathing and stay in that position for 6 to 8 sec.

While releasing slowly move hands to normal position, leg to original position. Repeat this with other leg pressed against chest/ stomach.


All the foot and calf asanas help in returning the stagnant lymph and venous blood. They relieve tiredness and cramp, and prevent venours thrombosis especially in bedridden, post-operative patients.

It activates the pancreas and other organs of the abdomen and also relieves wind trouble, acidity etc… It loosens the hip-joints and activates the abdominal muscle and intestines and ultimately cures the constipation, and corrects the malfunctioning of stomach. It is easy asana and people of any age can do it.


People who have undergone an operation on belly or suffering from hernia and piles, etc. should perform this asana after consulting some Yoga Expert. Similarly, the pregnant women should also not practice it.

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