Kunjal means an elephant. In this process one takes in water like an elephant and throws out quickly. This process is very simple. Kunjal process is also called Gajakarni. In the early morning, clean your teeth, finish your natural call and on empty stomach drink 8 to 10 glasses of tepid water having half a teaspoonful of salt added to water. Take 7 to 8 glasses quickly This should be taken on an empty stomach.  When you take in 7 or 8 glasses of water, the same will come out of belly by itself (automatically). In case this does not occur, take four fingers of your right hand right up to the inside of the throat and all water will be belched out. This will clean inside of neck, food pipe and stomach. This cleaning is very essential for asthmatic patients.

Do not try to take in only 2 or 3 glasses full of water and force the water out by effort, because if the color of water seems slightly red due to friction in neck there can be unnecessary doubt of blood having been thrown out.

If a little water still retains in the stomach, it will get out forcibly through urine.

Strong acid gets washed out due to this process and one saves oneself from getting ulcer

Do not either eat or drink anything at least for a period of one hour after this process. You will feel much hunger after one hour, when you should take food which will not spoil your digestive system.


There is no risk in carrying out Kunjal process. But those who have very high blood pressure should avoid this exercise.

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