Memory Loss – Yoga Cure

Human has a brain, which has gigantic power and capacity. This small brain can contain numerous gigabytes and terabytes of computer elements.

We hardly make use of one or two percent of the same. If we can properly and by heart understand the limitless capability and control contained in our head, we can with the least effort tap great source of power.

What is memory?

Memory is the capacity to save and recall information about past and present incidents. Memory capacity is the ability to analyze and synthesize the assimilated information and not information storage alone. Memory power varies between individuals.

Yoga and Memory

This faculty of memory or remembrance power does the job of storing a thought process about on object or subject in a subtle way and when necessary it does the work of supplying the desired information. Yoga assists in improving the memory power, with yogic techniques of concentration and meditation. The brain functions of attention, cognition, processing of sensory information and visual perception are sharpened up with yogic practices. Yoga calms the mind and improves concentration by increasing the circulation of blood to the brain through its asanas, pranayama, meditation and Om chanting. Memory lapses can also be prevented through yogic practices that enhance the power of recall. One can access the gigantic power of the mind with regular yoga practice. Yoga also helps to achieve clarity of the mind, which transforms into good comprehensive health.

Yoga Treatment for Memory improvement

Meditation on the third eye or on the point between the eyebrows helps to activate the brain and develop memory power.

OM chanting: –

                        AUM – Utterance of A stimulates the spinal cord.
                                  Utterance of U stimulates the thyroid glands.
                                  Utterance of M stimulates the brain and its centers.

Sitting in Siddhasana or Swastikasana, Vajrasana or simple cross-legged posture, keeping back and spinal column vertically straight, promotes the blood flow to stomach, heart and head. Thereby the nervous and infor­mation system of the head gets stron­ger. Practice of Shirshasana and Sarvangasana makes a man highly intelli­gent. In both these Asanas whole body gets into an over­turned (inverted) posture, thereby with the least efforts heart can pump blood towards the head. The inverted postures nourish the brain with increased blood supply and supply of oxygen to the cells that help in developing memory.

Deep breathing in pranayama increases the flow of life force and oxygen to the parts of body and the brain, enhancing memory power Excessive thinking drains the mental energy of a person. Meditation clears the mind of unwanted thoughts keeping the mind calm and free of tension. The vibration of Om recharges the cells and organs of the body with energy. Om chanting helps to rejuvenate our consciousness and improve memory power.

Therapeutics Yoganidra

YogaNidra is a state of conscious Deep Sleep. YogaNidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. It has great Therapeutics values.



Iridology is the study of the iris to diagnose disease. Iridology a diagnostic system based on the premise that every organ has a corresponding location within the iris of the eye.

The important accurate health and wellness information can be accessed by studying the patterns of a person’s iris. Iridologists also claim that, they can access info about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the person’s health. Iridologist interprets patterns, shapes, rings, colors and pigmentation markings, fibers, structures, and changes in the pupil and iris. From iris readings also reveal other data, including energy quotients; internal areas of irritation, degeneration, injury, or inflammation; nutritional and chemical imbalances; accumulation of toxins; life transitions; and subconscious tensions; person’s physical and emotional constitution like, inherited weaknesses and person’s venerability; even information about previous health problems. Iridology is primarily used as a diagnostic tool. As it is not a method of treatment, its practitioners often study other branches of alternative medicine, such as naturopaths, chiropractors, or nutritionists.

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