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Empowers you to the metaphysical properties of great Ayurveda.

Delivery and Shipping
Delivery and Shipping

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What I need to know, before ordering attunements

After you place an order for any type of attunement, we will typically respond within 48 hours. During busy times, please allow up to 3 business days before receiving a response. This also applies to email communication. If you haven’t heard from us after 3 business days, send us a reminder. For orders of multiple attunements, we may spread the sessions out over several days. Course materials will be sent at the time of each attunement.

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Return Policy

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The term “Ayu” signifies life, and “Veda” denotes knowledge from the Ancient Vedic texts. Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine, is believed to have originated with Lord Brahma, the Creator of the Universe according to the ancient texts. The primary objective of this ancient practice is to restore harmony between the body and its environment. It was first documented in written form over 5,000 years ago in India, and it is perhaps the oldest and most comprehensive medical system available today.

Formerly known as Ayurveda Reiki, Ayurveda Pranashakti is a system that provides empowerment to your body, mind, and spirit. It allows you to access the essential life force properties of Ayurveda, awakening Kundalini and attuning you to the vital energy frequencies of Ayurvedic Medicine, Mantras, Colors, Planets, Panchamahabootas (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space). This system is gentle yet incredibly potent and effective.

The god of Ayurvedic medicine Lord Dhanvantari helps to diagnose the disease and direct the appropriate frequency energy to the patient. The practice of Ayurveda, however, is not limited to healing but also encompasses spiritual growth, leading the practitioner to discover their true self. Through this process of self-realization, one may ultimately attain Moksha, the ultimate liberation from the sufferings of worldly existence.

The training for Ayurveda PranaShakti involves two levels, which include the activation and opening of all healing channels, energizing of the seven chakras, empowerment of all essential energies of Ayurvedic Medicine such as mantras, colors, planets, and Panchamahabootas, as well as empowerment to the god of Ayurveda. Other techniques taught include both distant and in-person healing, Ayurveda PranaShakti meditations, the ability to create Ayurveda PranaShakti tools, and a stronger connection to the Hiranyagarbha (Cosmic Egg).

To gain access to Ayurveda PranaShakti, one can undergo an attunement process. During attunement, the energy centers (Chakras) and energy channels are opened and strengthened. These attunements are performed remotely, with no limitations in terms of time and space. The illusions of time and space can easily be transcended in this process.

Ayurveda PranaShakti consists of 2 (Two) Individual attunements updated on 15th Feb. 2023.

Waiting period
The gap between the two attunements are called as a waiting period. This waiting period is necessary for the assimilation and integration of the received attunement. The minimum recommend period between Level I and Level II is a 3 days.

You will receive:

  • The original Ayurveda Pranashakti manual via email
  • Your distant attunement will be sent to you by founder Mohan Chute after you have read through each of the manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is necessary to ensure that you are spiritually and mentally prepared for the energetic acceptance of your chosen attunement. Your distant attunement will then be sent using the call in (chi ball) method or at an appointed time and day.
  • Certificate with full lineage and genuine signature by founder Mohan Chute.

The confirmation mail and the manual will be emailed to you shortly after receiving payment. (Usually within 48 hours, at most) *If you do not get the email manual within 48 hours, please contact us through the contact us page and let us know so we can send it again. Sometimes email’s get caught in the spam filter so check there also.


  1. 5 out of 5

    Thank you for blessing me with Ayurveda attunement today. It was a wonderful experience.

    During the attunement, I could feel myself relaxing and getting lighter by the minute. It was also very calming and grounding. I was also able to contemplate well and got answers to some questions which have been there as a quest. Thank you and the Gods of Ayurveda for this heart warming and grounding experience.

    wish you love, light and energy…

  2. 5 out of 5

    Called down the attunement this day (23 Dec), started with pray and sit for almost 30 min.
    I felt energy on my crown chakra then move to the back of head. After 5 to 10 min my palm filled with energy, start from my left hand – (my left palm more sensitive then the right), right hand, left leg, and then right leg.
    After 15-20 min. I feel strange sensation. I am alone, but I felt someone sit beside me, don’t know who, I can felt the warm sensation from my right side, and then move to my left side and heard a whisper in my left ear.


  3. 5 out of 5

    Thank you very much for sharing the Ayurveda Reiki. This attunement has been a unique experience, as i called in the attunement, my feet started to heat up. Through the session i could feel heat building at my feet and feels like the area surrounding me was also warming up. Even after the attunement, my feet are still warm. I could feel the energy moving around me.

    After the session, i sent healing to Haiti.

    Many blessings

  4. 5 out of 5

    I called in the morning at 12:00 noon after my daily prayer and had a nice experience during the master attunement. I felt a lot of energy all around my body and a calm sensation from my stomach to head. My breath became short and fast and I felt energy going upward. I felt strong energy emitting and spreading around my body for about 5-10 minutes. Overall, it was a great experience. Thanks to Mohan and THC for bringing me to this stage on my spiritual path.

    I had another great experience during my afternoon meditation. I started by praying to God and my guides, and it took around 10-20 minutes to reach a deep meditative state. I felt energy entering my crown chakra and a powerful sensation throughout my body. The experience felt infinite and took me to a higher level. After 30-35 minutes, I felt calm and relaxed with a special sensation in my body. I felt empowered and had a sense of happiness. The next day I felt a little bit dull but still felt the extra empowerment in my body.
    Thanks and Regards,

  5. 5 out of 5

    So I have been blessed to have had experience in drawing down attunements and what they feel like. And I can say that, after drawing down the Ayurveda PranaShakti attunement, I’ve never felt anything like it, or experienced so much, and of a profound nature. I am stunned and have been brought to near tears several times today.

    I entered a deep state of meditation, listening to Constance Demby’s Novus Magnificat, which I usually listen when I give a healing. The attunement process was long, nearly an hour. I almost immediately felt a sense of pressure and heat in my hands and in my feet. My Blue was deepened and flaming, almost uncomfortable. During the process, I felt energy everywhere at once, and had to keep breathing very deeply because it was so intense. I felt a lot of energy moving up and down my sushumna, and felt a lot of pressure over my right eyebrow that was a little uncomfortable for a short time. I’d very much like to hear what that was, since it was very unusual.

    I also had to drink a lot of water during the attunement, which has never happened before.

    Quite frequently, I felt a sense of complete bliss, the likes of which I’ve only known in the deepest of meditative states and only briefly, but this was more prolongued. This seems to have been followed with periods in which I twitched and would suddenly jerk, then feel a sense of release and relaxation, and then could resume, is what it felt like.

    I had a lot of images during portions of the attunement. This has also, since the attunement, produced many, many visions, some of a planetary sight, and others of what I feel were past lives.

    It was extraordinary and very powerful. I look forward to learning so much more once my body adjusts and I can draw down the next attunements. I can only wonder what each successive attunement will feel like and help me to do for others.

    Thank you again, Mohan, I am deeply grateful for the attunement and for your offering such a beautiful gift of healing for everyone. I encourage everyone who reads this and send out a clarion call for others to make this commitment and start looking into Ayurveda PranaShakti.

    Be the peace you seek. And Namaste.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I prayed to the Gods of Ayurveda during the attunement. I observed the energy from my root chakra rising and swirling up to my crown. According to Ayurveda, emotional ill-health is caused by a lack of coordination between an individual’s senses, emotions, and thoughts. Ayurveda believes the heart and mind are intimately connected and when that connection is weakened, problems arise. I felt the Ayurvedic energies helped me restore the connection between my heart, mind, and self. I felt energized and rejuvenated after the attunement.

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