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Hi All

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 7:35 am
by priya
Hi everyone ,

I am introducing myself again to this group as I have been away from it for almost 4 years.
I am priya and i have been inducted into the world of spirituality by this group and our guru's Mohanji and stephanji. It was a most awesome journey. I was going through my old messages and requests for help. At that time they all felt such huge problems but now they seem so trivial , I mean life goes on at that time it was that problem and now we have new ones. But the way I handle them has changed and I think that is the strength that I got from this group.
I can see that there has been not much activity in the group since I left. There was a time I used to log in every day to see if there was a new topic and if there is some thing new to learn . I would love to share the knowledge and receive .

Any ways I am really Happy that I am back.