Prosperity Reiki

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Prosperity Reiki

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I recently saw something on another forum about Reiki for prosperity and abundance, and I'm now going to share with you some of what he said and some of my ideas also. Enjoy!

Wallet Prosperity Reiki (Level 2+ only)
On a small piece of paper, draw the Power symbol and the Distance symbol and charge them with Reiki and the intention of prosperity for at lease a minute. Place them in your wallet or purse, and every time you see them, focus on prosperity and abundance flowing to you from all directions, over time and space.

Power Hands (Level 2+)
In the morning, draw the Power symbol on your palm (non-dominate works best, as it is your receiving hand) and take a moment to know that this symbolizes how money will be drawn to your hands from this moment forward.

Power Hands Level 1 Version
In the morning, fill your hands with Reiki energy and visualize it as colors that represent prosperity and monetary wealth to you (gold, silver, bronze, yellow, and green are good ones). Set the intention that this energy will last all day and will bring money to your hands as long as it should last.

Crystal Reiki Prosperity
Hold a malachite or Aventine stone in your non-dominate hand. Fill the this crystal with Reiki completely full and visualize money, prosperity, and abundance flowing to you. If you are level 2+, then draw the Power and/or the Distance symbol over the crystal to invoke and manifest this intention.

Distant Prosperity Reiki (Level 2+ only)
Draw a large Distance symbol in front of you. Through this symbol, send Reiki to your future finances and money situations so they they are healthy and abundant!

Abundance Crystal Reiki Blessing
Place a prosperity crystal (malachite Aventine, dragon's blood, gold, diamond, emerald, etc.) near your check book, money safe, cash register, wherever you keep things of money value, and charge it with Reiki every day and bless it at the same time. you might want to pray to a deity for abundance or blessings for it and yourself.

Dollar Donation Reiki
Take a dollar (or paper-money of your country) or coin and hold it in your hand. Fill it and bless it with Reiki with the intention that this dollar or coin will lead to Great prosperity and abundance! At the next chance you get, donate it or give it to a person with love and kindness. This will bless you threefold or more!

In The Case of Giving Prosperity Healings,

Have the person sit upright. Ground them, cleanse the aura, and start out as you would in a normal Reiki session.

When you are ready, draw a large Power symbol in their aura followed by the Distance symbol. When drawing the Power symbol, have the intention of empowerment, and when drawing the Distance symbol, have the intention of drawing and manifesting prosperity.

Bless and draw the Distance symbol over the Heart, Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus chakras in that order, and send money/prosperity/abundance charged Reiki to each of them after drawing each symbol.

The point of this is to open the Heart chakra, charge the Root, send the energy up to the Sacral, then to the Solar Plexus, and fill up the Heart again. Let the energy spill out of the heart chakra and fill the aura. This will attract more money, prosperity, and abundance to the person.

Bless the hands with money Reiki, balance and ground them, and seal the healing with ether the Power symbol or the Master symbol. Let them center themselves and become present in the Now.

Tell them to be grateful, generous, and giving afterwards and do so with love.

I hope you have enjoyed this and that it has blessed you! Thank you for reading!

Light, love, and Reiki blessings,
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Re: Prosperity Reiki

Post by Cherry »

Thank you, Wes! I am going to try.
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Re: Prosperity Reiki

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Thank you Wes! Very interesting and very easy to do! Love and light , Danila
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