Surya Shakti for animals, plants

inexhaustible power and radiance.
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Surya Shakti for animals, plants

Post by Saille »

Tashi delek,

I wanted to share several experiences I've had with my recent attunement for Surya Shakti, and would like to hear from others who've received treatments with this wonderful healing modality, or have received the attunement and are giving treatments.

It works so well and so powerfully with both the Reiki and the Blue!

Soon after I received my attunement, a friend of mine came onlne and told me that her dog had gotten ahold of an entire bag of Hersheys chocolate Kisses and was very sick. He's a small dog, and had even eaten all of the foil wrappers for the candies.

I immediately offered a healing treatment. I asked her to put the dog in her lap, and I activated Reiki, Surya Shakti, and the Blue. She said that within a very short time, her dog leaned up as if receiving something and then began to tremble violently. After a short time, he settled down on her lap and seemed much better.

At the same time, I noticed that I could feel her dog, as if he were telling me to put my hands here, or hold my hands a little longer there. Then he "said" that his stomach hurt, that his throat was sore, and that he'd like to be a little warmer!

After the treatment, I ran Reiki into his water bowl. My friend said that Tuffy was much better, and that he indeed loved to be very warm. It's been several weeks, and he's completely better, like new as she said.

Another experience has been in helping a friend plant their gardens. As I plant and water, I run Reiki, Surya Shakti, and the Blue, and hold my hand over the hose while I water. Even though we're suddenly experiencing cold weather and very little sun, the plants are thriving. Good soil and attention are factors, of course, but I know that the energy is helping them.

Again, I'd enjoy hearing from anyone else who'd like to share their experiences with Surya Shakti, in particular. I'm very impressed with how powerful the energy is and the way it works with other healing modalities. Thank you again, Mohan, for this attunement! :F0

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Re: Surya Shakti for animals, plants

Post by hotice_steve »

Dear Saille,
Thanks for sharing your experience with SuryaShakti.
SuryaShakti is very powerful with instant effects.
One should associate it not just for Physical properties of Light & heat but also the esoteric properties & blessings of Lord Suryadev.
I used to use it for my dog. No Skin issues & no fleas.
Always use it for plants & trees around when ever I see some issue.
Besides this no experience of SuryaShakti for Animals or plant.
I have used it extensively for skin issues & rejuvenation of people.
My late mom's Psoriasis was cured by SuryaShakti very quickly. She had it for nearly 25 years. I had tried Reiki & other modalities earlier but only after SuryaShakti it cured.
Also she had no bed sores in the last 2 years of her life when she was bedridden.
A lot of cases of convalescing people. Blood pressure patients to be given in small doses early morning preferably.
Thanks again.
Tashi Dalek
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