Feedback of Ayurveda Reiki 1

Your feedback is appreciated.
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Feedback of Ayurveda Reiki 1

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Thanks you very much :F0 Master Mohan :F0 for Ayurveda Reiki 1 Attunement.

It was again a great experience. I called down it in afternoon sitting comfortably on my bed. I started with pray to god and guide. it took around 10-20 min. to became into deep meditative state then I felt energy entering into my crown charka then I felt powerful energy over around my whole body. The sensation was great and strong it took me into infinity.

After 30-35 Min. I felt very calm and relax with a special sensation in my whole body i.e.
I got a divine power in my upper body. In evening I felt lightheaded but there was happiness.

Today I am feeling little bit dull but I really felt extra empowerment in my body.

Thanks and Regards,

Deepesh :hI :F0
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