Feedback to Angel Reiki Attunement - May 14, 2012

Your feedback is appreciated.
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Feedback to Angel Reiki Attunement - May 14, 2012

Post by hotice_steve »

Dear Friends Of Light,
Kindly do feedback to complete the attunement process by replying to this post.
Your feedback's not only help us to get familiar with you, extend more help but more so are directly beneficial in your spiritual growth.
Kindly follow the manual for Healing & getting familiar with the Angels. For healing you can call down all the angels & in addition work specifically with the one whose special attributes will help to heal a particular issue.
You will notice a special affinity /closeness to a particular angel.
For getting familiar with A particular Angel work with & meditate with one for at least 21 days before giving special attention to another angel.
Here too u can call all angels for help.
Any query please post to this thread only.
Best Wishes & Blessings.

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Re: Feedback to Angel Reiki Attunement - May 14, 2012

Post by NewEarth »


First, I must thank heaven that allowed me to receive the wonderful gift of angels.
I thank my higher self, my masters, my spiritual guides who assisted me during the attunement.
And I thank Stephen Sequeira who brokered this beautiful attunement.
I will not describe all the sensations that I experienced (crown chakra activation, etc. ..), and which, I believe, are known to all, but that which was new to me.
For the first time I felt a very strong activation of the hands chakras.
I felt as a current flows through my arms from the shoulders to the fingertips.
And all for the first time I felt the power reaching the top of toes, feet chakras activating.
The feeling was strong and continuous for more than 15 minutes.
And when blue-violet and green flooded me I knew the archangels Michael and Raphael show their presence known and dear to me.
When I felt the sensation of electric current flow has stopped, I knew it ended the attunement.
I am very grateful for this attunement
I would like to know if to the others archangels ( 11) we can associate a symbol.
In Karuna Reiki Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are associated with other symbols.
Thank you one more time.
Love ,light,God :F0

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Re: Feedback to Angel Reiki Attunement - May 14, 2012

Post by Cherry »

Dear Stephen,
I asked for the attunement today. That is why I am so late in feedback.
Thank you for being my channel of this great feeling and knowledge. I received energy like waves of light. Also some of them slightly colored in green, blue, pink, golden.
There was also some tension in my head and I felt my hands cold, very cold.
During the attunement I was relaxed and peaceful. This time I didn't see some special pictures...just shadows and colors.
Hope that I received it in the best way for me!
Light, love and blessings to you!

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