Angel Reiki Attunement Records - January 22, 2010

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Angel Reiki Attunement Records - January 22, 2010

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Dear Lightworkers,
Glad to announce that the Angel Reiki Attunements have been Manifested for the listed members to take down anytime convenient. To invoke the Attunement merely say,
"I accept the Angel Reiki Attunement as manifested for me by Stephen”

You can request a Certificate by contacting Mohan.

It will be greatly appreciated if you support us in Holistic Orphan Care program
Also if you would simply send your blessings to
HOLISTIC LIGHT SPHERE (HLS). and include it in your daily prayer and /or healing session.
You may send blessings and healing to needy people. Kindly see
Distant Energy Healing or/and may send blessings and healing to Holistic Light Sphere. May be plant a tree and save environment, or/and Visit orphan children and do something for them. etc.
If you simply wish to give extra support to for the maintenance of this website. Your thoughtful support is heartfelt and greatly appreciated!
Any random act of humanity is your payment in full.
Your healing is greatly appreciated in exchange of the attunements.
Offering energy healing at THC will give you more practical knowledge. Taking this step also brings the professional greater responsibility.

[list]The Attunee List ......

[*]Pradeep Singh Shaktawat[*] Chandresh Kumar Chhatlani[*]Priyadarshini[*]Monika Agarwal(Thane)[*]Monica Agrawal(Ghaziabad)[*]Christine Land[*]Esther Chang[*]YeunJean Chang[*]Narayan Debnath[*] Laurentiu Marius Dragomir[*]Oliver Effiong Akpan[*]Nicola Walkden[*]Ramananda Das[*] Kerry Goodwin[/list][/color]
[list][/list][/color]Thank you all. It was a special experience, my pleasure. Kindly do feedback to complete the attunement process by replying to the following post only ...
Feedback to Angel Reiki Attunement - January 22, 2010
God Bless

It is sad to see that some of you are present only during Attunements. My dear people Gratitude is the most important part in spiritual & personal development. The best way to do this is to reply & send healing to the Healing Requests on the forum. New Members too kindly pay attention to the above.
The Attunements are a gift of love from THC done by me with the kind Blessings of Master Mohan
Please take them very seriously. They are by no means less than any paid attunements done elsewhere. They are not a experiment but a conscious decision by you.
As well as I hold no attachments to the attunements once done it is my responsibility & commitment to the Cosmos. With this in principle I have a right to know the people I am attuning and what they stand for. Simple typed formalities are not enough; there must be some communication & positive action on the forum; also in your daily life. Simply attunements will not help you if you don't respect them.
Any change of attitude in the right direction is for your own benefit. You will be well rewarded & highly appreciated by your peers and Masters.