Ethereal Crystal Attunements Record 14, August, 2011

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Ethereal Crystal Attunements Record 14, August, 2011

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Dear Lightworkers,
The Ethereal Crystals Attunements were Manifested for the below listed members.
Kindly note that you will have to take the attunement as per new format as stated in the Attunement Request Form.

These Attunements came to you as a Divine Gift of Love from myself - Stephen & THC.
You can start using/meditate on the crystals mentioned in the levels of the respective EC attunememnts.
You can request a Certificate after completing each EC group by contacting Mohan.

It will be greatly appreciated if you support us in Holistic Orphan Care program
Also if you would simply send your blessings to
HOLISTIC LIGHT SPHERE (HLS). and include it in your daily prayer and /or healing session.
You may send blessings and healing to needy people. Kindly see
Distant Energy Healing or/and may send blessings and healing to Holistic Light Sphere. May be plant a tree and save environment, or/and Visit orphan children and do something for them. etc.
If you simply wish to give extra support to for the maintenance of this website. Your thoughtful support is heartfelt and greatly appreciated!
Any random act of humanity is your payment in full.
Your healing is greatly appreciated in exchange of the attunements.
Offering energy healing at THC will give you more practical knowledge. Taking this step also brings the professional greater responsibility.

[list]The Attunee List for......

• Pradeep Singh Shaktawat
• Chandresh Kumar Chatlani
• Saille Simonetti
• Deepesh Joshi
• Nicola Walkden
• Monika Agarwal
[list]EC I

• Chee Yew Wai[/list][/color]

Mr Chee Yew Wai please don't confuse us with all the nicknames ;) ;D
Mr. Abdol Amir Ziyaeefar you have not been attuned as you have neither acquainted yourself with the forum nor the people around. You don't even know who is attuning you.
All members note that we are in processs of filtering only intense seekers/active Lightworkers & Healers. Very soon new Attunements and Healing Techniques will be introduced with a set of new policies. Also some atunements will be discontinued which cannot fulfill certain benchmarks. We also will not be wasting our time on Spiritual Shoppers, Experimenters and pseudo-philosophers who are here just for a freebie or free peep. Sorry for using a strict language as it is too much.
Thank you all, It was my pleasure.
A manual will be emailed to you by Monday. Kindly bear the delay and clear doubts of any kind in the Feedback. All Queries will be answered in the Feedback itself.