Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012

Your feedback is appreciated.
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pallavi joshi
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Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012

Post by pallavi joshi »

dear mohanji :)
first of all thank you so much for giving attunement for usui reiki 2. it was really pleasant to get the feeling of help other which is independent of time and distance,i am really glad to got this. when i was taking attunement i felt more concentrated on my heart chakra,as well as felt little cold sensations on my palm. thank you so much again.
pallavi joshi

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Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012

Post by libera »

I received Kundalini Reiki 1 Attunement today. Although I did not feel what many here have experienced, my body did feel like gently moving and my breathing changed several times (became deeper/longer) during the attunement with the movement of the body. I was sitting cross legged and allowed the gentle movement meditating on the movement and breathing.

After the attunement I did a self-Reiki, a relationship (Karmic band) Reiki, and a room cleansing Reiki. The warmth in my hands was strong with the room cleansing Reiki, not very noticeable with the self-Reiki or Karmic Band reiki. I tried doing a situation Reiki but was called to stop at that point so stopped and came to write my feedback here.

Thank you for the attunement. Blessings, Caroline

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Re: Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012

Post by mlost »

Dear Mohan-ji (yeah, I like this Indian suffix),

I want to thank you dearly. I positioned myself in the sun for the attunement, because it was a very nice day after a longer cold time span. I had a lot of hot ginger tea before and thought the sun's energy could help raise my frequencies--in the end I got a mild sunburn. I listened to binaural stuff making me almost fall asleep, although I was mentally awake. I let the attunement work on me and trusted it, even though I usually don't feel much.
Later that evening a friend texted me. I always give him Reiki when he gets a migrane, but this time after the attunement it was the first time he actually texted me back later that he was better.

Yours gratefully,

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Re: Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012

Post by venuslove »

Dear Mohan,
I kindly wanted to graciously thankyou for the Kundalini Reiki level one attunement. It was an interesting attunement for me to experience... I could feel the energy shifting and moving within opening up my channels. During the beginning I was really relaxed listening to some meditating music... after a while I noticed several things I had been working on to let go had been brought back up in my mind. I let it go and relaxed again. Afterwards I did a self healing and had quite an intense emotional release in regards to the situation previously brought up... it was deeper than expected but I felt it was what I really needed to experience to fully let it go. Thankyou again for all your generosity in sending these attunements out to everyone and helping us all. I sincerely appreciate all your caring wisdom. Sending you gratitude, love, light, joy and blessings. :F0

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Re: Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012


Dear Mohanji,
Thank you very much for this attunement.I am late to send feedback because I could find this webpage only today.I did hatsurei ho meditation and reiki self healing before receiving the attunement.Then I lighted some candles and place some flowers and crystals in front of me and received the attunement.I felt heat in my hands and feet and some vibrations throughout my body.I have send healing to THC.Mohanji you have done a great job and I can't give enough thanks to you.
Jobial Alex

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Re: Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012

Post by SarahsSoul »

Dear Mohan,
Thank you very much from the deepest part of my being, I am so thankful for receiving this Usui Master attunement from you. :wD

I was peacefully camping on a wild riversite when I first called down my attunement, on Saturday evening. I noticed a profound compassion for life and a great peace come over me. I also felt like I had 'risen up' and saw my surroundings from a higher viewpoint. This lasted for about 10 minutes. No other sensations to note. Later after we were all asleep, I was awoken by some heavy footsteps and breathing right outside the tent. As I looked up I saw the outline of a bear. I was alarmed and went to awaken my partner next to me, but the bear had dissapeared. I thought this was significant to my attunement as I was the only one that had experienced this bear. I sent him reiki ;)

I was guided to call it down again last night to fully feel it integrate into my being. I started the attunement ceremony by placing my favorite crystals on and around me, playin some soft music and breathing deeply. I said the phrase a few times and vividly felt like I was back on the river. Only this time I felt like I was flying like a bird so carefree. I smiled and got a tear in my eye, like a deep part of me had come back into my consciousness to remind me of my greatest and highest future, my light filled and whole being. That was a very special experience for me, thank you!

I then continued and drew the CKR, SHK and the Dai Ku Myo master symbols first on my hands and crown, then on the rest of my chakras, giving myself a healing session at the same time. The energy of the Dai Ku Myo was very strong, wise and made my hands tingle, then my whole body tingle. I happily sent reiki to you Mohan, THC, the earth, my house, my son, a dog that is in arthritic pain, my relationships, and a few more family members. Then I layed down in bed and peacefully drifted off to a very restorative night's sleep. (My son slept through the night too) I woke up with so much energy that I didn't even feel the urge to make my morning coffee! I just keep drinking water. :gL

I am a very sensitive and 'feeling' type of person so my experience was just that. My intuition is also getting stronger everyday and leading me to more opportunities to serve on my higher path everyday.

Thank you again Mohan and many blessings!! :F0 :F0 :F0 :Lv

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Re: Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012

Post by angelicdiamond »

Thousands of thanks to Mohan for my attunement to Usui Reiki level 2! Thank you for taking the time to send us attunements, and I'm so grateful for your service.

I laid down last light listening to meditative binaural beats to get me in the correct state of mind. I got to the point where my arms and legs were beginning to be paralyzed, and I could feel energy easily. I called down the attunement and ask my Higher Self to guide it and attune me with it, and I felt a rush of Reiki fall down on me! I tried my best not to manipulate it. It went through my arms, around my back, and circulated around. I could feel the energy as pressure and tingles through the whole attunement, but nothing special. I tried to ask my Higher Self if it was finished, and as usual, he didn't give me a straight answer. "It was always finished," "It was always present," "It's been finished the whole time," etc. He couldn't have just said he was done... Anyways, I went to seep after that, trusting that if it wasn't finished yet, it would continue in my sleep.

Highest Blessings,

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Re: Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012

Post by NewEarth »

Respected Master Mohan,

I want to express my gratitude for Kundalini Reiki level 2.
Thanks ALL for this opportunity..
It was an attunement with powerful and precise energies.
It took 30 minutes..I felt clearly when it was over.
All my high chakras have activated.During initiation, the skin on my face, neck and hands seem to magnetized.
This magnetization was the first feeling,followed by activation of crown chakra.
My head has been filled with light
and I felt a strong and continuous pressure on 3rd eye chakra.
I have seen how to achieve "clean".
"I saw" in myself as in my depths, rises as a water to the surface, a kind of black roots.
And I also saw three symbols. I saw a pharaoh with a triple crown.Then I saw a column with a cross similar to the Violet Flame Reiki although I have not this initiation in this life
and the capital of a column, which leads me to a Masonic initiation in another life .
Thanks for such a powerful energy.

God Love Light

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Re: Feedback for Attunements June 30, 2012

Post by mehtakandarp »

Respected Mohanji

I am so thankful for receiving this Kundalini Reiki Master /Teacher attunement on 30 June 2012 from you. This attunement is going to make many changes in my life. I am giving Reiki power to needy patient without any mean. Now I can use this extra power which will help me to heal others soon. I am Usui Reiki Master since 2003 now I can teach Kundalini Reiki also ( free of cost) to others so they can treat with more power. One more thing regarding my Kundalini Reiki Master / Teacher attunement, On that night I found heavy vibration in my body with chilling . I got up suddenly . I understand the effect of attunement so soon I seat in position of meditation with receiving attunement comfortably. after some moments it became normal but I got pleasant peace of mind which i will remember for long
Thanks again Mohanji
I am sendind Reiki Healing to THC regularly

always yours
Kandarp Mehta

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