Requesting for Reiki level 1

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Requesting for Reiki level 1

Post by arponmree »

Name: Arpon Mree
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Location: Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

I have introduced myself in forum.
I have read the reiki manuals (1 and 2).
I am an introvert person and love to help people silently. I am learning to help people and to improve myself.
I would love to attuned with Reiki level 1 next time you will be given attunements on Feb. 28, 2013.

I am new in THC. I am not attuned with reiki distantly or in touch, but I have tried with various free vedio. I really don't know it worked on me or not. I feel better than before now though I do not feel heat on my hand.
I have tried qi gong and tai chi before. They are good but not suitable for me as I get cold problem with much oxygen by tai/qi gong.
Please forgive me if I write anything wrong. Thank you very much Mr. Mohan for offering attunement.

With love and respect
Arpon Mree

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Re: Requesting for Reiki level 1

Post by akash247 »

Dear go to below link and request for Attunement, Regards with love and healing light. :F0 :F0 ... f=8&t=3189

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