SWINE FLU /H1N1-virus. Awareness & Recommendations

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SWINE FLU /H1N1-virus. Awareness & Recommendations

Post by hotice_steve »

Dear Friends,
Swine Flu has reached epidemic levels, if not in real at least in Media.
Media has played a very non-responsible role as usual with the vernacular press & TV channels the prime culprits.
At the same time, I must applaud DNA(newspaper) Astha(TV channel) for highlighting only the right related issues & information.
Dr. Nitin Singh(Paediatrician, Lakeside Medical Centre & Hospital) has given bare facts about this new illness in DNA newspaper. Baba Ramdev had the guts to recommend a cure while the local Government & politicians(mostly in opposition) were only gaining political mileage, reacting to western diplomatic & media pressure, not to mention the media out here in India.

  • Its not caused by eating Pork.
  • Encephalitis, Dengue & Malaria are more dangerous than Swine Flu.
  • It is like any other Influenza with Cold & body ache symptoms, vital difference being that we have not developed immunity towards the H1N1-virus. It is a seasonal flu and is not a serious disease.
  • H1N1 virus is a new virus strain & will take humans a bit of time to develop immunity. But this is natures way.
  • It may most likely reach a epidemic level in the coming months(onset of Winter ).
  • Rapid screening advised by private hospitals not legal. Do not go for rapid screening as it's not 100 per cent accurate.
  • The infection primarily spreads when a person comes in close contact with an infected person & spreads through both air and contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • Surface sanitizing may help prevent some infections.
  • Tests should be carried out only if the patient is in the mid stage of the flu, where the patient shows symptoms like high fever, discomfort while breathing, and has a toxic look.
    Or else, if a person has a mild infection, it is better to let the virus circulate in the community so that the whole community develops herd immunity and protects large portions of the population. This is called Herd Immunity.
    It is just like gaining immunity through vaccination, which provides protection to individuals.
    Eradication of a communicable disease like H1N1 depends on the development of a high level of herd immunity.
    H1N1 would continue roughly for two more months. Once the summer season begins, the weather itself would kill the virus rather than Tamiflu.
  • The virus is not found so much in coastal areas and dry regions such as Kerela and Rajasthan respectively.
  • Those with a weak immune symptoms are more susceptible to Swine flu. Actually most of deaths are caused by a collection of factors like immune deficiency, neglect, other combined illness or panic
  • People doing regular Pranayam & Yoga are least likely to get infected or will not catch the disease at all.
  • Recommendations
  • Use conventional means of sanitization. But it is strongly advisable to use environmental friendly alternatives. Neem Oil & alcohol are recommended to clean surfaces.
  • Use clean cotton cloth dabbed with Nilgiri oil as mask rather than buying outside mask . Some vendors are selling Masks for a fortune. Most Mask sold do not have any additional advantage as far as material is concerned.
Highly Recommended Cure
    • Guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia) is a very effective cure in cases of Flu no matter what is the virus strain. It will increase immunity by 3 times.
    • Take a twig of the herb(about a foot long).
    • about 10 leaves of Holy Basil(Tulsi).
    • Crush & grind this together
    • Add water till more than covered.
    • Boil till the mixture is well concentrated
    • Have spoonful, 3 to 4 times a day
  • Tinospora cordifolia, also called Guduchi is a plant(vine herb) indigenous to the tropical areas of India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Other Names...
    • South Asia: Guduchi , Amrita (Sanskrit), Giloe , gulancha (Bengali), Giloya (Hindi), gado , galo (Gujarati), Gulvel (Marathi), duyutige , teppatige (Telugu),amrutha balli (Kannada)
    • English: heartleaf moonseed
    • Indonesia: Brotowali, Andawali, Putrawali
    • Philippines: Makabuhay (Tagolog), Paliaban (Bisaya), Pañgiauban (Bisaya), Taganagtagua
    • Thailand: Boraphet (บอระเพ็ด)
    • Image
    Principal Constituents
    Tinsporine, tinosporide, tinosporaside, cordifolide, cordifol, heptacosanol, clerodane furano diterpene, diterpenoid furanolactone tinosporidine, columbin, and ß-sitosterol.
    It is classified as bitter in Ayurveda. It exhibits antiperiodic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. The plant is used in Ayurvedic rasayanas to improve the immune system and the body's resistance .
  • This herb is a vital ingredient in all Cough, Cold, Flu ,fever, & preventive Ayurvedic medicines found in special dispensaries or off the shelf
  • All Pranayam & Yoga postures which are helpful in boosting immunity & alleviating breathing related illnesses, colds & coughs are highly beneficial
Hope this post is useful. Kindly Share the info & try to help.
Sending Light to the Condition as whole. Light Workers do join.
God Bless.

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Re: SWINE FLU /H1N1-virus. Awareness & Recommendations

Post by sanjeev »

hi steve,
Thank you very much for such an important information on swine flu. Our light workers have nothing to fear. Those who are regular in self healing by reiki already have strong immunity. They dont have to fear swine flu. Neverthless precautions must be taken.

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Re: SWINE FLU /H1N1-virus. Awareness & Recommendations

Post by mohan »

Thanks for the info Stephen.

We need to perform regular self healing.
Our immune system is still the best weapon to fight a viral infection. It doesn’t matter if it is a new virus like the Swine Flu or Avian Flu or SARS, or the common cold. Our immune system as the ability to respond to diseases of all kinds. Environmental conditions constantly generate new immune challenges, so even the strongest innate immune system could use some help. The thymus gland plays an integral role in the immune system of the body. It produces all the white blood cells in the body before puberty.

Dear Friends of light, Let us send divine healing for global peace and health.

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Re: SWINE FLU /H1N1-virus. Awareness & Recommendations

Post by decentgal »

thanks Stephen for such an informative post.


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