Reiki Request for my mother

Request for Healing Energy
Dear, Lightworkers kindly join us and send energy to help others!
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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by phill »

Everyone here is to be commended for their gift of love and light!

Just incase if those video resources arent convenient i have several other resources; ... cancer.htm ... ition.html

Hopefully this will be enough to get you started.
Even if your mother doesnt choose this, choose it for yourself, you will feel great.

For others: This kind of food is full of 'life force' which will be of serious interest to you as Reiki Practitioners, you would be specifically interested in the first hour long lecture i posted on the top ten foods to be on. Send this information to those who you deeply care about!

Many thanks,
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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by healer »

Dearest Hina,

Hi this Dr. S.Ananthakrishnan. I got your message through the forum stating that your mother is suffering from cancer in the breast.

Kindly give me the details of how long is your mother suffering from this and what are the other symptoms she facing.

Please dont worry as we lightworkers throughout the world will spread reiki to your mother.

I just need her photo for healing and if it is possible please send it to me.

Thanking you

In Reiki Communion Always

S. Ananthakrishnan

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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by LightworkerUK »

Just got back online and saw this, sending love and healing to your mum Hina.

love & light,

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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by Rahul »

Dear Hina,
Reiki continues for Mother's Highest good.
God bless.

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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by Mosi59 »

Much love and light sent to your mother sweet one.  My father has been dealing with cancer as did my partner so understand your fears.  Will keep her surrounded in the divine light that all will turn out for her highest good. 

Rainbow Hugs and Bright Blessings

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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by rg12345 »

Reiki on for your mother Meena for her highest good. Also for your mental peace and strength.

love and light

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Re: Prayers love and light flowing for your mother

Post by deepthie »

Find my prayers love and light surrounding your mother
Love & Light
May God Bless you & your family

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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by decentgal »

How can i ever express my gratitude for the members of this forum who have been very kind to me ?
thank you all !
I have read all the messages and will try working on the suggestions given to me .
She showed a little progress yesterday andfound her pain a bit relieving though not much .I still need your support and healing as much as you could send .

To Dr. S.Ananthakrishnan:
I have sent you a message regarding details and pic of my mother .Hope it helps .


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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by John.Apostolidis »

Dear Hina Namaste
Your mom is included to my sessions list and from now on, Reiki and non-Reiki healing energies will be send in daily basis.

Light and Joy Blessings and Wishes

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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by Prema ma (starfire) »

Namaste... hi  ((((Hina))))  joining all here and elsewhere sending out Reiki to your dear ((((Mother Meena ))) embracing the heart... God Bless you both and your family ...

in Love Light and Gratiude ..
Prema ma

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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by massagesante2005 »

I would definitely like to help if you can provide me with more information.

Please send information directly to my E-Mail at
Complete name of the person with recent picture and whereabouts (at least the city)
*** Send with subject = HELP FIGHT CANCER REQUEST ***

I will also send back information on cancer symbol for any masters that has DKM for
this symbol is required to have been attuned to and needed in this kind of work.

P.S./ If I also have the phone number I can call before starting and wait for a call back
in order to have feedback on the overall feeling and betterness of the person.

I offer this FREE service because i believe in the cause and give time to people whenever
I am able to. I mostly work in person, but have got a few people which i work on distantly.

In the meanwhile Love, Light, Health and Healing to you and your mother / Namaste / Om Namo Kami No Aï,

Daniel xXx (514) 271-2248
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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by agnya »

sending reiki healing for how long it's needed.

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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by readytolearn »

Hello Hina,

Your mom is still in my sessions, as well as you and your family, and as well as all who are working on her. I know this is tough, so please don't give up, and give faith to God as through him all things are possible :).  Sorry it took me so long to reply, my internet was down.

Love and light,


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Re: Reiki Request for my mother

Post by reikiblessings »

Dear Hina,
Reiki and prayers for healing as per her highest good.
Best wishes,

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