Request for Healing Energy
Dear, Lightworkers kindly join us and send energy to help others!
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"Om Saha Navavatu.
Saha Nau Bhunaktu.
Saha Viryam Karavavahai
Tejaswi Navadhitamastu
Ma Vidvisavahai
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

Om Sarvetra Sukhinah
Santu Sarve Santu Niramayah.
Sarve Bhadrani Pasyantu
Ma Kascid Duhkhamapnuyat
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih".

Oh Almighty! Protect us all!
May we always enjoy!
May we acquire strength together.
May our knowledge become brilliant!
May we always Love each other!
Oh Almighty! May there be Peace! Peace !! Peace !!! Everywhere.

Oh Almighty! May everybody be happy!
May all be free from ailments!
May we see what is auspicious!
May no one be subject to miseries!
Oh Almighty! May there be Peace! Peace!! Peace!!! Everywhere.

Dear Members please send your Healing Light & Reiki to the Reiki Reservoir namely the "Holistic Light Sphere"
  • This is a joint Light Session where members will send their Light to this ethereal sphere of Light.
  • This sphere of Light will directly heal the people in theTHC healing list. Each Healee will receive a massive synergic dose of Healing Light.
  • Members can call down the Light anytime they feel.
  • Members are requested to send the light anytime as frequently as possible.
  • The idea is to make best use of a Joint Healing where the Light acts like one massive laser beam giving healing a tremendous boost. It works irrespective of time.
  • This page will be updated when need be.
  • Members can attune the Sphere to any positive & holistic Healing system. Newbie masters can practice attunements by sending their atunements to the sphere.
  • The Holistic Light Sphere works synergically and synchronizes all the modalities/ positive energies sent by Lightworkers for the Highest good of Creation

Black_ki(John) wrote: AT LAST !

Dear members HLS is a powerful tool for all of us and not only...

Every human and non-human being (pets,plants,etc....) who needs extra help and light can be helped!!!

Honestly I have never found anything similar ever before...I feel that it was not by chance the creation of something such amazing and beautiful!

I am calling you all to "sacrifice" some minutes at least of your every day valuable time to send light to HLS, to affirm positives, bless and visualise its brightness and healing power!

And I am sure that you will be paid in full in exchange for your time and efforts.

We are all connected and we have to act with a spirit of helpfullness to each other and to creation, let this newborn holistic miracle grow up and shine more and more every day...

It will be a great helping booster and useful addition at our sessions, attunements and who even can count or imagine for what else the HLS could be useful for....

And please have in mind that it is from all of us, from this small healers community of THC for now and many others non members or non Reiki practitioners soon or in the near future who will join us .... a special gift for all those who will follow after us...

Send your bessings
Send your love
Send your positive warmhearted feelings
Send you healing intention
Send the Source Light that comes within you even if its called CHI, KI, PRANA, REIKI, BIOENERGY, HEALING FORCE, LIGHT POWER or whatever.....

There is no need to be someone special...
There is no need to be a Guru...
There is no need to be a modality Master...
There is no need any special skills...
There is no need any special ability to visualize or meditate...

.....to join!!!

A simple light worker/light energy practitioner is ready to send to HLS from the moment that s/he feels the energy flown...so simple...
Even someone who just believes that his/her prayer or natural his/her ability to help and heal with love others, can upgrade HLS even if it is a little step,it is helpful and warmly appreciated.

Only light, love ,faith and good will is needed.
Just Imagine HLS
Just Visualize HLS
Just intent your awareness on HLS

Thank you for joining the HLS

May Reiki Light And Joy Fill Our Hearts
Blessings And Wishes

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God Bless
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