Remedies for Runny nose...!!!

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Remedies for Runny nose...!!!

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Runny nose is a common disease especially in the cold and flu season.

People, who are easily prone to allergies, higher chances are to be suffering from a runny nose. Whatever may be the reason for you having a runny nose. Some remedies to help you curb the runny nose are hereunder:

- Drink sufficient water. It will keep you hydrated less prone to infection.

- Stay in a warm environment. Being in an Cold/A.C. environment will aggravates your cold and runny nose, making you prone to headaches too. It will also dry and thicken the mucus present.

- Increase intake of vitamin C in your food like oranges, strawberries and other citrus fruits. Alternatively, you can take vitamin C tablets.

- Using saline nasal sprays is one more option. These help to rinse and thin the mucus, and gets rid of the irritants present.

- Chewing ginger will help curb runny nose. Chew some finely sliced raw ginger, thrice a day. This is a highly effective natural home remedy.

- Blow your nose gently and avoid swallowing the mucus.
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Re: Remedies for Runny nose...!!!

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I will try the ginger. Thank you! :)
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