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here is a edited version of one of my favourite meditation's by Michelle-Manning Kolger

Take 3 deep breath's
go within and find the core centre of who you truely are, the divine spark that resides in the centre of your being, you may see, feel or sense this as a spark or coloured flame residing in your heart or solar plexus or somewhere in between, this is your connection with your high self and God\source.
Focus on the flame and see it grow
it fills your body.. every organ, muscle, bone, cell, molecule
this light shoots out through your eyes, ears, hands and feet filling your aura, getting brighter, the light fills the room, your home, moves out into your neighbourhood, it touches every person, tree, plant, animal and their divine spark ignites, they become bright, their heart touched as they have an expanded awareness of the connection with all that is, they recognise the divine core centre of all and feel blessed.
This light of who you are expands east, west, north and south across the entire planet touching all sentient beings, animal, sealife, wildlife and into mother earth, gaia's core light's up this moves back up through the layers of every rock, tree, plant, mountain and gives back to us and nutures us and our light and gaia's energie's meld together.
Every soul, every being, sentient and insentient that exists on this planet is blessed, made whole and healed and theres a connection to all that is.
Take your focus as if looking back at earth from space, notice the earth is lit up as if a beacon for the entire universe, this light touches the entire universe, it touches our solar system and infuses the sun and the sun reflects back the light brighter as if the more we give the more we recieve.
This light moves further filling the entire solar systems and galaxies, other beings and all the planets heart core centres are ignited and all are blessed and connected.
Feel the peace, joy, love, compassion and gratitude.. as we are connected to the universe we expand in greater love, light and beauty, we are multi-dimensional, we connect with all our beingness, all of ourselves that ever were and that ever will be, from this expanded place of wisdom and knowledge we allow our other existenses to be blessed as we move multi dimensionally, past, present and future blend and merge into now. We connect with other dimensions, angelic realms, masters and asended masters who are with us at all times assisting us when we ask for help.
We become one with all that is and we connect with God/source and God/source connects with us it is divine, take a moment in this euphoric feeling.
Breathe deeply and give thanks for this deeper connection with all that is.
We can now come back to our physical bodies in this expanded awareness, we notice anything in our bodies that no longer serves us.. any health issues, troubles, relationships.. anything that no longer serves us moves into our energy field and may look like blobs of grey, fuzzy, heavy or light, sadness, grief, guilt, pain, judgement,anger, hate, anything that no longer supports the radient divine expression of your soul, self and universal beingness are removed from your body and energy field.
take a deep breath, anything holding you back, let it drop to the floor, the blue flame of truth and the transmuting violet flame transform this into golden light or as butterflies flitting away or appear as golden coins for you to pick up, that fill your purse or fills your soul with wisdom, knowledge or understanding or given away to bless another.
know that your body is blessed and healed.. take another deep breath in gratitude for the peace and healing and still in this expanded awareness state, send this light to any country, place that you are drawn to, as this light fills those areas notice healing begins with each other, terror and pain is null and void and replaced with gratitude, peace and calm, soldiers and people put down their guns as they recognise the divine core in each other and previously viewed enemies, animosity now turns to compassion, understanding, brotherhood, they feel their connection to God/source and know the other person is them and that we are all connected. As all recognise this there is no more conflict only peace. troubles drop and are picked up as gold coins, everyone as enough food, a home and a purpose, all are connected with their divine purpose, as each shares their purpose there is enough to eat and go around, everyone is abundant, no more exploitation, only joy, creativity, brotherhood/sisterhood and connectedness with ourselves, each other and the planet.
feel in your body what it is to always have enough, enough love, self love, food, shelter, money and joy of creating you own unique gifts and purpose here on earth,
breath deeply and take a moment to create anything you choose in this expanded state.. in this place of connectedness.. anything.. wealth, a project, supportive relationships, love of your life, radient health, planetary peace.. anything of your hearts desire.
now come back to the physical body, you will always have this connection whenever you choose, just go into the divine spark within and connection is made.
where you have just been everything has been blessed.. all that is, God/source has been blessed by us and us by God/source. this connection is never broken as there is nothing but God/source.
As you come back from the multi dimensional realms you can hear the music of the spheres, the angelic realms rejoice for this connection and the
knowledge, wisdom and understanding that has been shared.
know that we have bettered and blessed all that we have been in contact with and that we have been blessed by this experience, as you bring yourself back into this one universe back to this beautiful planet filled with plants, flowers, trees, animals filled with joy, compassion, kindness towards one another and abundance and wealth is available for all. universities and schools of all kinds open their arms to all that wish to go. creative works abound, song, dance, art, poetry, sculpture, healing sciences, a bounty available to all and whatever you choose to do, be, live its done with integrity, love, compassion, in service to one another as we are all connected and are one.
as you bring yourself back into your house, room, into the physical body, notice how your body feels lighter and there is an expanded sense of self of knowledge and wisdom and your abilities and your understanding of your place in all that is and it gives you comfort and you feel centred.

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Re: Meditation

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wow this meditation was feeling great as i was reading through it. I asure it will feel wonderful if we experience it. will try this tonight. will get back with feedback.

Thanks and Regards,


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Re: Meditation

Post by hotice_steve »

Dear Nicola,
Your effort is very much appreciated.
I hope members make an effort on their part to practice it.
Thanks a lot for your contribution.
Shows your inclination to develop spiritually rather then just cure a headache, allergy, mental rut or similar issue.
All the best.

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