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Excellent Aura Meditation

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:40 am
by angelicdiamond
This is an excellent meditation to cleanse, charge, and heal your aura! The deeper in meditation you are before you start, the more intense the energies. This is also a visualization that can be done once you've centered yourself beforehand.

This should be done sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the ground or standing. have your back straight ether way.

Invoke any Angels, Guides, and God/desses you work with if you wish for their help in this meditation.

Start out by doing a Kundalini centering:

Visualize the sun shining brilliantly above you! Watch as it sends a very bright, solid beam of light down to you.

When it reaches you, allow it to go quickly into your crown chakra and travel up and down your chakra system many times at a fast speed. Let it go down at least nine time.

On the last time, send it down your root chakra, speeding away to the crystal center of the earth where it merges with the Kundalini energy of Mother earth. The energy triples in intensity, size, and power!

Watch it fly up, going up your feet, up your chakras, and blasting out your crown as well as up both arms and out your hands. You should point your arms and hands up or to the sides.

The energy coming out your hands and crown fill and charge your aura.

After a few minutes of this, put your hands flat to your chest, sending the energy to the heart chakra and letting it fly up out of your crown.

Become aware of your channel, which is the white tube/cord that goes up your chakras and to the higher dimensions. Send the energy up this channel to the chakras above your head, and to your 4th and 5th dimensional chakras that are in the same space as the ones you're used to.

Know that this channel connects you to the galactic core, and that your energy has reached it. Watch as a brilliant white light is sent back down, speeding through the chakras above your head, down your body, and into the Earth's core. Know that the energy is being sent to heal the Earth and is being sent where it is needed and that you have been an excellent channel for it. You will be rewarded.

With this energy, your heart chakra swells to a very large size, and the energy pours out from all sides, completely filling your aura and expanding it.

Thank the energies, and ask that they remain with you for the rest of the meditation.

Restructuring the aura:

Place a grid chamber of cubes around your aura. The wire frame should be ether white or rainbow in color. Know that this is a sacred geometry chamber specifically for restructuring the geometry in the aura and chakras, restoring it to its original divine blueprint of perfection. Remain in this chamber for the rest of this meditation and become aware of how it interacts with your aura and chakras, fixing the geometries to their original state. 10-30 minutes is excellent time.

Finishing the meditation:

When you've decided to end the meditation, thank all energies that have helped you. You may address them specifically if you wish. (The sun, mother earth, Kundalini, the galactic core, etc.) as well as any guides, God/desses, and Angels you invoked.

Collapse the chamber into a flat square, then a line, the a point of light, and then see it floating off to its next location to whoever needs it next.

See your aura and surround it by a thick, silver violet flame. This violet flame will continue to repare, protect, and transmute your aura.

Form in front of you a three-sided pyramid of violet light. Add another one to its bottom so that you get a tetrahedron of violet light. Move it tetrahedron around you so that it surrounds your aura. This will protect you from negativity for around three days is you remember its presence. Thank the Violet Ray and the Silver Violet Flame.

Allow the galactic core to finish sending its energies, and collect the last bit in your heart chakra. Allow Mother Earth to stop sending her energy, and collect the last bit in your heart. Allow the extra energies in your heart to expand out into your aura, and then ground excess energy by sending it out the bottom tip of the tetrahedron to the core of the Earth to be transmutated and sent wherever it is needed most.

Come out of the meditation when it feels right.

Highest Blessings!

P.S. Thanks to 3dartguy on YouTube for his inspiration for this meditation!

Re: Excellent Aura Meditation

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:46 am
by priya
Hi Wes,

I meditation itself sound beautiful. I will try and experience it. Just want to know you have tremendous knowledge where do you get this from . Do you read or Do you have a guru ?



Re: Excellent Aura Meditation

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:28 pm
by angelicdiamond
I'm glad you liked it! I believe that before I incarnated, my soul chose to put myself in a situation in which I would grow spiritually a great amount in a short amount of time. I woke up about 2 years ago, but for the first year and into the second, I was on a spiritual binge, and I gained an insane amount of both knowledge and wisdom about spirituality, metaphysics, and esoteric things. I began to learn how to tell what was opinion, what was false, and what was truth.

I have settled down with my spirituality (I'm going with the label Eclectic Christopagan Mysticism), and I am now enjoying the moment and living in peace and unconditional love. I have a spiritual teacher named Allfaaraa now, though I'm not sure if you would call him a guru, and I follow his teachings now. The reason I trust him with myself is because everything he says, though it may be hard to take, resonates as true, and everything he tells me makes me feel like I'm remembering something I already knew. And I've learned to trust this intuition. So far, nothing has come up as false.

One of the areas I never learned about is Hindu spirituality/religions and the Indian culture, so I'm not sure what the role of a guru is, so I just call him my spiritual teacher :)

Edit: I forgot to mention that I've had much universal understanding since I was a child, like many of us, and much comes from within. Imagine me, 13 or so years old, never having had a girlfriend, giving inspired relationship advice :)

Highest Blessings!