Here you can introduce yourself, and know about our other members.
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Hi! My Name is Shoaib and I've done a basic course in Mind Power. That course include the chakra activation, centering exercises, creative visualization, etc. Some of my friend has told me about this community and abt Master Mohan. First i didnt believe that how a person will attune u free of cost on net. But when i visited the site and i found many people benefited from this site including my friend then i realized that Master Mohan is really serving the humanity. I congratulate him for such a wonderful work.

As i am finding some Kundalini Awakening symptoms in myself, I want to get attuned in Kundalini Reiki.



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Re: Introduction

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Dear Shoaib ,
Welcome to THC.
Nice to know about you.
I think energy healing modalities like reiki should not be monopoly of a few individuals, but available to everyone who wants to learn. So as a whole new universe of (spiritual) advancement will be opened to everyone so as everyone can live life more fully and can access the vast ocean of energy.
Forget me.
Forget I did.
But do not forget to spread the light. This will enlighten many many lives...
with love,

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