Bhastrika Pranayama : asthma tuberculosis corrected

Bhastrika means Blower in Sanskrit. In Bhastrika breath is exhaled forcibly and quickly. One should inhale and exhale breath like a blower. This Pranayama is considered the best.

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Method Bhastrika Pranayama

Sit in Padmasana, Siddhasana or Vajrasana stretch your head, neck and back. Put your hands on the laps. Inhale and exhale rapidly your or five times like a blower. Similarily contract and expand the lungs. A peculiar rusting sound will be produced during the practice of this Pranayama. But the performer must practice this Pranayama rapidly and without stopping even once. At the completion of one round (Avartana) the performer must inhale breath as deeply as possible and retain it as long as possible. Ultimately exhale as much breath as possible. Thus a round (Avartana) of Bhastrika completes. After resting a while, perform another round of this Pranayama.  During the first week do two rounds only. From second week onwards, do three to four rounds of Bhastrika pranayama.

Do not ever do more than four rounds in a single day.


Benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama :


With the practice of Bhastrika, swelling of the throat is corrected, appetite is kindled and the cough is removed. Diseases of the nose and chest like asthma, tuberculosis etc. are also corrected.

Diseases caused by imbalance of wind, cough and bile (Vata, Cough and Pitta) are also corrected by this Pranayama.

If no other means to warm the body is available, it can be heated with the help of this Pranayama.

Pores of Sushumna nerve are opened by Bhastrika.


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