Advertise & Sponsorship Opportunity – Targeted Traffic

The Holistic Care is proud to offer several ways to advertise with our organization. We accept advertisements for our web site (only a limited number of advertising space is offered). This site has quality content on health care, disease and conditions, alternative medicines etc… Currently the site has 60,000+ pages, and is growing rapidly.
The majority of web traffic comes from Google, Yahoo, Bing with hundreds of ranked keywords
Page Views Per Month 200,812
Unique Visitor Per Month 60,723

We provide text link ads, banners, sponsorship advertising on our site. We have an exhaustive inventory of quality niches that can send targeted traffic to clients website.  We are also open to providing customized solutions for your unique requirements.
Please refer to our Ad Media-kit & Sponsorship Opportunity for complete details.


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    Reiki, natural system of healing that brings relaxation and inner peace, which in their turn lead to deep inner harmony, clarity & strength - The essential preconditions for supporting any issue or problem.
    The RocketTheme site provides free documentation for all our themes and plugins, to supplement understanding of their various features and capabilities. We offer Reiki master training healing. Learn it for free. By now we have conducted 10,000 + training Attunements in 190 countries worldwide and millions got benefited.
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    Distance Reiki can help balance your energy to ease your physical, mental or emotional discomfort. You may request distance Reiki healing.
    We would love to help you if you would honor us with the privilege. Advanced and private training in Reiki & Healing will be offered at a personal level with email, Chat/Voice support at a very nominal cost. Contact us on