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Utkata Asana

Firmly fixing two big toes on the ground, the heels being raised up in the air and placing the anus on the heels in called Utkatasana.

Position of Readiness

Stand erect, legs together hands by the side of the thighs. Gaze in front.


Standing with your feet parallel and hip width apart, shift your weight toward the balls of your feet and press the soles of your feet downward.

Bring up the squeeze.

Press the crown of your head away from your shoulders.

Allow your fingertips to rise in front of you to shoulder level and press your fingertips away from your shoulders.

Allow your knees to soften, pressing your hip bones downward toward your heels as if you were about to sit in a chair. (Keep your spine upright.)

Keeping balance, stand erect on the toes, there-after, slowly place the heels on the ground.

Bring hands by the side of the thighs and keeping the legs together return to the original position.

This exercise can be repeated two or three times. Breathe regularly and direct your attention towards the pelvic region.


The squatting posture helps prepare the woman for childbirth.

Calf muscles are made healthy and remove constipation and nervous weakness of the lower extremities.


Those suffering from muscle pull should not practise it.

This asana exercises and tones up the pelvis and legs, and alleviates pain in the lumbar region. In the later stages of pregnancy, however, this asana should be avoided as soon as the mother experiences the slightest feeling of fatigue.

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