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Position of Readiness

Stand with feet together on the floor. Keep hands at your sides, eyes looking forward. Breathe normally.


Standing up on the right leg, bend the left leg at the knee. Bring the heel of the left leg near the hip. If the heel cannot be brought nearer the hip due to pain in the knee, fold the leg backward as much as possible.

Grab the toes of the left leg with the left hand holding all the toes with the palm properly. Bring heel of the bended leg to the buttock.

Now slowly raise the right hand firmly up towards the sky with palm in the straightforward position.

Retain this position for 6 to 8 seconds. Keep the lifted hand tight and firm. The right leg on which you are standing should be tight and straight. Keep looking straight and breathe normally.

Slowly bring the lifted hand down, keeping it in a tight condition. Do not drop the hand. When the raised hand has reached the side, release the left leg to come on the floor. Now rest for some time and do further rounds alternately by following the same process.

Daily Practice

Initiate with four times daily during the first week gradually increase to six times a day.


Santulan Asana has curative and corrective effects upon the knees, ankles, shoulder joints, wrists, palms and fingers. It removes rigidity and brings flexibility to the major joints of the body normalizing the blood circulation in the affected areas and tones up the muscles so pain in the joints is corrected.


In initial time it is a little bit difficulty in standing on one leg on the floor so, you may stand near a pillar or a wall for supporting the body weight.

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