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Anusara Yoga is a popular hatha yoga style with a Tantric philosophy. It is a modern school of yoga started by John Friend in 1997. The emphasis of the school is on a set of "Universal Principles of Alignment" which underlie all postures, "heart opening" postures and the spiritual/meditative benefits of hatha yoga.

Attainable bliss and joy in practice and everyday life are an important aspect of the underlying philosophy of this school. Many western students with a modernist bent find this school attractive.  

Philosophy of Anusara Yoga:

The underlying philosophy of this school of hatha yoga is tantric in nature. As such, the manifest universe (perceived through our senses and mind) is seen as a manifestation of the Divine. The nature of the Divine − God, the undifferentiated Absolute, the Essence of everything and everyone, the Transcendental − is pure bliss. The nature of God, by its very definition, is absolute and free of any limitations. In a grand game of hide and seek, the Absolute seeks to experience its own blissful nature by creating a vast, infinite diversity of form.

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