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Natural cure and preventing Back Pain or backache through holistic alternative complementary medicine like yoga aurveda reiki eft and other home remedies.

Mostly both young and old get this pain but if it is not treated in time the disease takes a permanent shape. Ladies suffer backache to a great extent during the period of menstruation.

 Back pain

Odd manner of seating (poor posture)

Difference in the length of both the legs or if one walks with a leg improperly supported.

A slip-disc, if the spinal column is uneven.

Tumor in the spinal cord.

Chronic constipation, chronic colitis.

It is also possible that this pain may result in fever if the pain is excessive. Among the many causes of back pain are poor posture, back strain from poorly designed furniture, weak back and stomach muscles from lack of exercise, and injuries.

In Yoga, a strong, flexible back is very important for maintaining posture, for insuring that the nervous system pathways are strong and clear, for improving circulation to the brain, and for maintaining the erect posture necessary for seated meditation in intermediate practice.

Gain a better understanding of your back pain by learning more about the different types and the possible underlying causes. Find out what's really behind that pain in your back.

Yoga Treatment For Back Pain

The Back pain, slip disc patients have to do three things:

 (i) Regular practice of selected yoga asanas,

 (ii) proper diet,

 (iii)proper hygienic care.

 Back pain

selected yoga asanas for Back Pain

yogic treatment: during the first week, practice the following asana:

Second week and on wards:
Anulom-Vilom and Nadi Shodhan Pranayama

Beside the above mentioned asana and pranayama practice of yoga nidra, concentration and meditation gives the best result.

Asanas- Asana removes rigidity and brings flexibility to joints and help correct bad posture

Pranayama -Breathing patterns can affect the spine in various ways, such as movement of the ribs and changes in pressure within the chest and abdomen. Exhaling can help relax muscles.

Relaxation and Meditation- Relaxation provides a physiologic antidote to stress. Imaging techniques may also be used. For example, imagining a movement before it is actually performed makes it easier to move the muscles that are being used.

Natture Cure Naturopathy and Back pain

  • Patient may be given enema to remove morbid matter and prevent auto-intoxication
  • Neutral immersion baths
  • Hot fomentations
  • Stream baths
  • Alternate sponging
  • Aapplication of radiant heat to the back will also give immediate relief.
  • All general cold water treatments, such as cold baths and cold sprays, should be avoided.

Therapeutics Yoganidra

YogaNidra is a state of conscious Deep Sleep. YogaNidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. It has great Therapeutics values. Sankalpa can bring about even the impossible in life, therefore even cancer and AIDS patients can benefit.  kindly refer detail article on Yoga Nidra download free guided YogaNidra meditation mp3

do requisite changes in sankalpa and practice for your wellbeing.  Also, watch video in video section where, Gregg Braden shows cancer being cured in less than 3 minutes using the language of emotion. Using the technology of emotion that's inside all of us and mirror that expection to the field that's all around us. You must feel the feeling as if it has already happened.

Reiki for Backache

The unique feature of Reiki therapy is that universal energy has the capacity to reach physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels and heal.

Know more about Reiki If you want to become a Reiki Master or want healing Reiki Attunement and healing.

Essential  Care and Precautions for Back Pain

Proper Diet for Back Pain

It is recommended to stop taking bananas, and curd. Smokers should stop smoking. Stop taking tea or water upon rising in the morning. Reduce the number of cups of coffee tea or stop it completely. You simply don’t need any external stimulants. 

Include fruits (except banana), green vegetables (salad), and pulses (except arhar and kesari) in meals. You must completely stop the consumption of garlic, onion. You must consume one glass full of zero fat milk after removal of cream and in the food. One must make use of green vegetable salad along with the meal.

The non-vegetarians can eat fish and liver with least amount of spices.

Avoid eating fatty, spicy and fried stuffs.  

Drink a lot of water.

know more about Diet.

Hygienic Care for Back Pain

Thoroughly clean the mouth by gargling after eating anything.

One can suffer back-pain even if body weight is more than essential But now a days, eating has increased too much, but working habit is com­pletely nil. Servants mostly do all the jobs. In America, everything is done by electrical gadgets. Thus because the ligaments, and muscles of the waist and the back do not get enough exercise in the manner that is required, that part becomes rigid and brittle, hence on suffering even a small tension, the back gets stiff.


In cases of backaches, one should take complete rest by sleeping on a hard bed and keeping the spinal column completely straight.

Ordinary backache can also be treated by massage, hot water bag on the back, ultraviolet heat and necessary exercise.

If pain is a result of chronic dysentery, chronic colitis, chronic constipation, consult your physician get general medical examination as well as get the stools examined, if needed go for X-Ray too (as per direction of the physician).

Practice of Shalabhasana at the end of Bhujang­asana and practice of Dhanurasana on completion of Ushtrasana are found very advantageous in the pain in the waist. Therefore, without any type of hurry, with perfect quiet attitude, composed, and with patience, practise Asanas and Bhramari as well as Omkar Pranayamas. 

The Yogic method of treatment implies taking the correct diet, sleeping on not too soft bed and practicing some selected asana.

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Kindly find following research papers in category Research

Effect of Iyengar yoga therapy for chronic low back pain.

The impact of modified Hatha yoga on chronic low back pain: a pilot study.

Comparing yoga, exercise, and a self-care book for chronic low back pain: a randomized, controlled trial.

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