Surya bhedan means pricking of Pingla nadi this nadi represents the sun. The objective of this Pranayama is to awaken Pingla nadi . As a result of this Pranayama, that part of the brain which is the abode of masculine power (Shiva), is awakened practice of Surya Bhedan causes a lot of heat to generate in the body, hence practice of this Pranayama is more beneficial in winters.

 Method for Surya Bhedan Pranayama

Sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana and close your eyes. Now close the left nostril with the little finger of your right hand and inhale as deeply as you can through your right nostril then close the right nostril with the thumb of right hand and resting the chin on the chest, retain the breath. Increase the interval of breath retention (Kumbhaka) slowly then closing your right nostril with the thumb of right hand silently exhale the breath you have so far retained Repeat the process again.


Benefits of Surya Bhedan Pranayama

Regular practice of this Pranayama, refines mind, it purifies the brain and destroys the intestinal worms and diseases arising from excess of wind (Vayu).

Stimulates appetite Awakens Kundalini Sakti and increases the bodily fire.

Rheumatic and other wind caused diseases are corrected. To get rid of the blood disorders, skin diseases and leprosy, This Pranayama is excellent.

It strengthens the liver, which then begins to secret bile in ample quantity.

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