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Through this Pranayama the performer attains Murchhavastha the state of unconsciousness or coma and his mind becomes free of all the feelings. Hence this Pranayama is called as Murchha.

Method for Murchha Pranayama:

 Sit down in Posture that best suits you and inhale breath through both the nostrils. Retain the breath. Do Jalandhara Bandha by pressing the chin against the chest. Retain the breath till you expect fainting and then exhale slowly. This is Murchha Kumbhaka as it makes the mind senseless and gives happiness. But this is not suitable for many. This exercise is recommended only for those already well advanced in the use of other breathing techniques.  

Benefits of  Murchha Pranayama:

The mind becomes free of all the feelings and the performer experiences joy.

Through this Pranayama, thoughts and resolution decreases in the mind, and a person experiences the feeling of non-existence.

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