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 Vishuddhi Chakra

Location: base of throat, above where it joins the chest

Color: Sky Blue

Element: Space

Bij Mantra: Ham

The fifth charka, Vishuddhi symbolizes the pure consciousness, and creativity. It is the chakra of pure relationships with others, and of playful detachment.

On a psychic level, this chakra is apparently related to the thyroids, the rate of metabolism, and the lungs in the physical body. It controls the activity of the vocal cords, of the hearing, of the pharynx and esophagus


Benefits of meditation on this Chakra:

It removes all our guilts and remorses when it is opened by the Kundalini, and gives us a kind and compassionate voice.

Removes the feelings of superiority or inferiority and all jealousies.

Once ability to Telepathy, Clairaudience. (Extra-sensory hearing) enhances.


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