Feedback For Ayurveda PranaShakti Level 1 Attunement

Your feedback is appreciated.
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Re: Feedback For Ayurveda PranaShakti Level 1 Attunement

Post by Narayan Debnath » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:59 pm

Dear respected Mohan Ji & respected Others,
Cleansing Processes
It is approximately twenty days I had called down my Ayurvedic Pranashakti Level2 Attunement.Since then I have been getting some kind of pain (quite endurable & I feel amazed).It is something pain, no pain,rubbing or something jam like in or arround my root chakra(more precisely at the end of spine).It continues till now though in a mild ignoble way.but what is notewothy is that during last few days the feeling get intense up the spine.Yesterday,I felt thus moving in between solar plexus and heart chakra.Sometimes up mildly to throat chakra.Well,while I lay on bed for sleeping,it occured me something like my heag spin or my head get lighter.It was also a amazing thing.Today,Iam feeling this cleansing process(I think so) intensely on solar plexus for a long time,sometimes mildly,sometimes intensely.It was some way unbearable today when I bended(the bed is low) while doing reiki to my Mother for her leg pain.When asked after healing session,she stated- sometimes its gone sometimes it comes & and acknowledged that she feels much more better .I know its working & will take time(She is nearly 90).Well,Iam going irrelavent.
As a feedback I said all these.If something special need to do then please tell me.Namaskar to all.

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