AR2 Attunement on May 30th 2009 feedback

Your feedback is appreciated.
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AR2 Attunement on May 30th 2009 feedback

Post by WishToBeAVeryGoodHealer » Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:30 pm

Dear Mohan

Thank you again very much for this attunement .
I felt a strong warmth in my hands and waves of energy
all over my body . Somehow I felt different from the other modalities .
In Ayurveda Reiki attunement I felt surrended with some kinds of beeings and felt waves and heat...
In the other modalities I felt only the heat and the strong waves ?!!?
Woo such wonderful energy and presence ...
Waiting forward for the third attunement !!!! :)
Thank you so much again .

God Bless You All

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Re: AR2 Attunement on May 30th 2009 feedback

Post by hotice_steve » Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:34 am

Dear Aline,
In the 2nd Attunement the Pathways are further widened to facilitate more energy which is to come in the 3rd Attunement. Ayurveda Reiki uses a lot of energy from the 5 elements. Read the Manual.
Thank you for your feedback.
I will also reply to your earlier queries a few days later.
keep coming.
God Bless
Reiki, Love & Light

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