Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Dry Cough..

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Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Dry Cough..

Post by bhawna91 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:33 am

1] Home remedy for dry cough using turmeric powder and carom powder :-[/b]

Take 1 glass of lukewarm water,
Add 1 tsp of turmeric powder,
Add 1 tsp of carom powder,
Mix well,
Drink 2 times everyday.

2] Home remedy for dry cough using almonds, butter and sugar :-

Soak 7 almonds in water overnight,
Peel the skin in the morning,
Crush them to make a paste,
Add 2 tbsp of butter,
Add 2 tbsp of sugar,
Mix well,
Eat this every morning and evening to get rid of dry cough.

3] Home remedy for dry cough using basil leaves, ginger and honey :-

Crush a handful of thoroughly washed basil leaves,
Crush a small (1 inch) piece of ginger,
Take 1 tsp of basil leaf paste,
Mix it with 1 tsp of ginger paste,
Place this mixture on a sieve,
Extract juice by pressing this paste,
Add 3 tsp of honey,
Mix well,
Have 1 tsp of this mixture 3 times a day. :gL :gL

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