Home Remedies For Weight Loss..

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Home Remedies For Weight Loss..

Post by bhawna91 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:51 am

1] Use Triphala Powder with Honey :-

It is the best way to overcome the obesity, the method is:
Take a glass of water and there in add a tablespoon of triphala powder.
Leave it to overnight.
In the next early morning, take it and boil until it will become half in amount.
Now, filter it and leave it to become lukewarm.
Then add 2 tablespoons of honey into lukewarm water and drink it.
You can reduce weight effectively by using this.

2] Lemon, Honey and Water :-

Take a glass of filter water and boil it.
There in add four tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoon of honey when the boiled water will become lukewarm.
Mix it well.
Drink it every morning on an empty stomach.
It gives great result to reduce obesity by using regularly at least two months.

3] Bottle Gourd, Mint Leaves and Basil Leaves :-

Take a glass of bottle gourd juice.
Therein add some juice of mint leaves and basil leaves. (crush those leaves to make a juice)
Mix it well.
Drink it every day. Bottle gourd is very effective in obesity, stomach diseases and It is also useful to open the blockage of heart arteries.

4] Lemon Juice, Honey and Black Pepper Powder :-

Take a glass of water and boil it and Leave it to become lukewarm.
There after, add juice of a lemon, one tablespoon of black pepper powder and two tablespoons of honey.
Mix it well.
Drink it daily morning to get rid of obesity and overweight.

Prohibited Diet :-

The restricted foods while taking remedies for weight loss are:-
1. Avoid such foods are containing more fat and sugar.
2. Avoid salty, oily, spicy and fast foods.
3. Avoid too much eating than enough.
4. Avoid stress and depression, keep cool your mind.
5. Avoid alcohol and quit smoking.
6. Avoid fried foods.

Useful Diet :-

Must include green vegetables, pulses, sprouted grains, grains and fruits in your foods.

Natural Tips for Weight Loss (Special Advice):-

1. Daily practice of yoga and physical exercises.
2. Morning walk every day at least for half an hour.
3. Eats green leafy vegetables, salad and fat free foods.
4. Dieting and physical exercise is the best way to get rid of obesity.
5. Avoid the lazy lifestyle.

Hope it will be useful for you. :V: :V:

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