Benign prostrate hyperplasia and yoga

In this section discuss the scope of yoga in the treatment of some common diseases.
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Benign prostrate hyperplasia and yoga

Postby Amudhan » Sun Sep 05, 2010 9:03 am

I am having Benign prostrate hyperplasia and whenever i try to practice yoga i am unable to do because of the violent pains i get in the lower abdomen due to this problem of BPH. Along with this i am also allergic and having Diabetes and problems in genito urinal organs. Please suggest me some asanas and pranayamas which i can do without much difficulty and also reap rich benefits

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Re: Benign prostrate hyperplasia and yoga

Postby Tom » Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:00 pm

Can you do "child pose"?

Maybe if you let your legs be a little farther apart instead of right next to each other? It puts the head below the heart, so it is the mildest sort of inverted posture that I am aware of. It also helps to deepen the breathing. It is restful and good for releasing stress, and it is much easier to stay in than a shoulderstand or a headstand. In addition to caffeine and alcohol, stress can irritate your prostate. I don't mean to be giving medical advice in any way, of course. This is just something to consider. When I feel really sick sometimes I even go to sleep in this posture, in bed.
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