Autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment:

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Autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment:

Post by Blue Lotus » Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:23 am

Scientific proof that Reiki works!

Autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment: a preliminary study.

Mackay N, Hansen S, McFarlane O.

Institute of Neurological Sciences, South Glasgow University Hospital NHS Trust, 1345 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 4TF, Scotland, UK.

OBJECTIVES: to investigate if a complementary therapy, Reiki, has any effect on indices of autonomic nervous system function.

DESIGN: Blind trial.

SETTING/LOCATION: Quiet room in an out-patient clinic.

SUBJECTS: Forty-five (45) subjects assigned at random into three groups. Interventions: Three treatment conditions: no treatment (rest only); Reiki treatment by experienced Reiki practitioner; and placebo treatment by a person with no knowledge of Reiki and who mimicked the Reiki treatment.

OUTCOME MEASURES: Quantitative measures of autonomic nervous system function such as heart rate, cardiac vagal tone, blood pressure, cardiac sensitivity to baroreflex, and breathing activity were recorded continuously for each heartbeat. Values during and after the treatment period were compared with baseline data.

RESULTS: Heart rate and diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly in the Reiki group compared to both placebo and control groups.

CONCLUSIONS: The study indicates that Reiki has some effect on the autonomic nervous system. However, this was a pilot study with relatively few subjects and the changes were relatively small. The results justify further, larger studies to look at the biological effects of Reiki treatment.

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Re: Autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment:

Post by Saille » Tue May 24, 2011 6:14 am

Tashi delek,

This is wonderful information. While people receiving a Reiki treatment do not need to believe in Reiki for it to be effective (they just need to be open to receive it), many people still want "proof," and they need science to say it's real.

This is changing. And the perception that a) science and spirituality/wholistic healing are at odds is the biggest change needed. And b) I always ask people to first, be open, and to try and at least suspend disbelief and make up their own minds.

It is important that such tests and research is being done. Yes, it gives Reiki a little more trust from others who are new to Reiki and other "alternative" healing modalities. But it's also important because it shows that science and scientists, as well as the medical community are beginning to explore other methods of healing and wellness besides allopathy. Very exciting!

Also of note is the emergence and expansion of the "rogue" fields, noetics and quantum physics. Both are helping to "prove" that the subtle body system exists and can be used to make positive changes.

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Re: Autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment:

Post by chandresh_kumar » Wed May 25, 2011 6:18 pm

It is really a good initiative in research in Reiki Treatment. Such types of more researches are require so that we could understand how Reiki can become more effectively and more benifits to the patients could be given...
Chandresh Kumar Chhatlani

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Re: Autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment:

Post by Huurah » Thu May 03, 2012 2:36 pm

Thank you again :) I really enjoy reading all these tid bits of information.
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Re: Autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment:

Post by angelicdiamond » Thu May 03, 2012 2:44 pm

I'm happy to see more people research Reiki! I hope more scientists catch on.
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Re: Autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment:

Post by Cherry » Thu May 03, 2012 6:39 pm

So Reiki has so many purposes.... Interesting research!
Thank you!
In light and love!

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